Victoria and Feng Shaofeng Casted for Drama Adaptation of Ice Fantasy


The TV series based on bestseller book by Guo Jingming, Ice Fantasy, has officially announced its main cast! For the female lead, we have Victoria Song (Leader of f(x), My New Sassy Girl, Beautiful Secret) and for the male lead, we have Feng Shaofeng (Painted Skin, Tai Chi, etc).


Considering FSF recently broke up with Ni Ni, I can already predict new shipping for this drama’s main cast! As for Victoria, she sure has a lot of projects coming up this year: Beautiful Secret, Sassy Girl 2, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and now a new drama! *.* I am a little afraid since f(x) will terminate or renew their contract next year and considering her increasing projects in China… our girl may leave SM for good :”)… Good for her I guess…

The novel tells the story of two past brother nations, living a bridge apart from each other. During a continual love and hate relationship, the main character Yingkong also finds love.


Additional cast has now been announced!

Feng Shaofeng will play the main character, Victoria the female protagonist while Ma Tianyu will be completing the main cast. In addition, we have Zhang Meng, Hu Bing, Shao Bing, and Wang Duo. Hehe, this seems to be an awesome casting and considering it is a fantasy drama, I am having high hopes for it!


More pictures of the main lead ❤ :


12 thoughts on “Victoria and Feng Shaofeng Casted for Drama Adaptation of Ice Fantasy

  1. HJ says:

    When I saw this news on weibo 2 days ago, I was super super super excited!!! As an avid fan of Victoria, I am so happy for her. FSF and Vic are currently in London with ShuQi, filming Chinese remake of “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” I think it will be back-to-back filming for them, considering some weibos said filming starts in September. I read that they are making lot of changes for the drama. The original novel is mainly about the 2 brothers, but they say for public viewer’s satisfaction, they’re going to twist the plot around the male and female lead. If you search this drama on Baidu, only the lead characters currently have detailed character descriptions. Also, they’re bringing Dan Hennah (Oscar winner set decorator of Lord of the Rings movie series) as art/visual director for this drama. Production company in a recent interview said that they’ll spend a lot of money on special effects. It’s the same production company as the one that produced LanLing Wang and Lady&Liar. I am so excited for this drama!!!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes ❤ !! The storyline of Ice Fantasy is written by Guo Jingming and from what I red online, he is investing a lot of money in the fantasy industry (both with movies such as LORD and dramas like Ice Fantasy), so I guess they are going all out for this drama 😀 And hehe, you know a lot of stuffs about this drama 8D


      • HJ says:

        I am a huuuuuuuge fan of Vic, so I need to know everything when it comes to her projects lmao. Unfortunately, GJM has nothing to do with this drama. However, I read that FSF is investing in it himself just like how he did with LanLingWang. Since the author also said she made quite a lot of changes, I am excited to see how the new plot will turn out to be. Seriously, this year Vic has been landing projects after projects and I’m so happy for her. Well, it’s more like now SM can’t block her projects and also can’t bundle her casting with other sm artists. Her new Chinese manager definitely has connections too since he is ex-manager of LiuShiShi (while he was director at Tangren) and LiYiFeng (while he was VP at Huanrui Century). What Vic currently lacks is filmography, but everyone knows her popularity is no jokes.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        What do you mean by “SM can’t block her projects and also can’t bundle her casting with other sm artists”? Is she having a new contract *.*? It is nice to know her Chinese manager is so well connected! I am excited for Beautiful Secret to come out, while waiting for Ice Fantasy 🙂


  2. HJ says:

    It’s no secret SM kept bundling other artists with Vic casting for her dramas. and they straight up rejected often times. Vic fans in the past have seen so many of scriptwriter, producer, etc…publicly target sm saying they’re so difficult. Even LiShaoHong, director of CTR (Cocoon Town Romance) said on her weibo that SM didn’t allow Vic to sing the OST for her own drama. The director said she’ll keep trying to persuade SM, but never happened.

    Then after news of Vic establishing her studio, she attended BS press con. At the press con, they gave a sneak peek of new BS OST which Vic sang herself. Also, in 2013, when Vic was first rumoured to be in CP5, ent weibos said that SM was trying to lower Vic’s paycheck (pay per episode) just so that they can bundle other sm artist together for CP5. it said Tangren rejected this and wanted to cast only Vic. As soon as this rumour flew, Vic hit no.1 spot on weibo and everyone went crazy on weibo.

    Also, SM kept trying to block Vic’s chinese endorsements and if it happened, they tried best to make it into group deal. For online game TERA, TERA’s official weibo clearly said that Vic will be their endorser and even gave specific date on which they’ll post Vic pics. We waited…waited…and nothing came up. Then few weeks later, they suddenly announced that entire f(x) is the endorser and then posted the group pic. After her own studio and her Chinese manager now dealing everything, there’s already words passing that Vic already signed 2 solo endorsement deals.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Woah, then Vic is truly an angel to staying with SM. I cannot really complain about TERA since I love all f(x) girls a lot but at times, I wish Victoria can follow Kris, Luhan, and Tao and just leave SM. She would be so much happier and can then expand her works to the full potential. Thank you so much for all these information that I was not aware! I knew When Love Walked In, they only casted Zhoumi in order to get Victoria but for SM to go as far as reject Chinese Paladin 5’s casting offer because they want to add other members… that is just crazy.


      • HJ says:

        I get that as a company, you try to make it best for everyone, so I can kinda understand why they would try to make it a group deal. However, they should be fair. Why does it have to be always Vic that her offers needed to be turned into group offer? Clearly, another member constantly had solo endorsement deals….why doesn’t sm try to make THAT into a group one too? let’s be fair seriously.

        Personally, I don’t think Vic should follow those 3 ex-exo members’ footsteps. Why risk your image when your contract ends in 2016? She just wait 1 year and the contract naturally expires. Then, she can do whatever she wants and she’s not bound to anything. Right now, Vic has such a good image in both Korea and China. And it seems from Sina and other Korean news articles that Vic’s personal studio was mutually established. Both SM and Vic’s rep answers to the interview were very professional and they understood each other very well.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Well… I think SM is been unfair like that for pretty much everyone. Like when they casted Donghae and Siwon TOGETHER for Skip Beat or the promotions of EXO in China. That is also why I am glad Jang Nara did not sign with SM (she wanted to go solo but SM said if she stayed, she would be put in a girl group)

        Yeah, that is true, it is better for Vic to wait till next year to decide, but I do hope she get more and more activities in China ^^.


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