[Drama] Princess of Lan Ling Wang 蘭陵王妃 Stills


After the great collaboration of Ariel Lin and Feng Shaofeng in 2013 (Lan Ling Wang), here is another drama that is centered around pretty much the same story: the love story between a general too pretty to show his face and a girl descendant of Nuwa. Except that the actors changed and the story too (at least a little bit). This time, we have the princess Duanmu Liang who is not the symbol of wealth and fortune, but instead the precious object she will have with her. She will get involved romantically with the Lan Ling general and the emperor Yuwen Yong. The casting looks promising and the stills are reallyyyy pretty! Let’s hope all goes well and the drama will be released this year. The casting includes:

Casting from (soompi forum by sugarplum892):

Zhang Han Yun (张含韵) as Yuan Qing Suo / Duan Mu Lian

Peng Guan Ying as Yuwen Yong

Chen Yi as Lan Ling Wang (Prince of Lan Ling)Northern Zhou

Lin Wei Chen (林韦辰) as Yuwen Hu

Shen Jian Hong (沈建宏) as Yuwen Yu

Fu Ying (傅颖) as Empress Ashina

Gong Hai Ming (龚海铭) as Jin Hu

Wang Xiao Han (王萧寒) as Yin Bao

Li Xiao Yan (李小燕) as Empress Dowager Chinu

Qi Bing (齐冰) as Maid Yue Northern Qi

Wang Jie Xi (王洁曦) as Zheng Luo Yun

Zhang Zi Wen (张子文) as Yelü Guang

Tian Xiao Xi (田小夕) as Feng Er

Kang Fan (康帆) as General Qi

Character Stills:
  3 4 13 14 17 19


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7 thoughts on “[Drama] Princess of Lan Ling Wang 蘭陵王妃 Stills

  1. I read the novel. It is definitely going to be very different from Lan Ling Wang (Ariel’s and Feng Shao Feng’s version). The story is really solid! I wonder how it is going to be executed in this drama..


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