[Recap] Best Get Going 加油吧实习生 Ep. 13-14


We are still doing the Intern Army camp activity. So how well is our team performing? Is the romance still in the air? I think so! ^^

  • Cast:

    • Zhao Li Ying as Song Nuan (SN)
    • Zheng Kai as Zhang Sheng (ZS)
    • Cai Wen Jing (蔡文静) as Zhou Ge Ge (GG)
    • Zheng Jia Bin (郑家彬) as Zhao Xiao Chuan (ZXC)
    • Che Xiao as Hao Min (HM)
    • Vanessa Wang (王祉萱 ) as Gao Wen Ruo Han (WRH)
    • Fu Jing (付静) as Ning Ba La (NBL)
    • Meng Rui (孟瑞) as Chen Hua (CH)
    • Xia Qian Qian (谢茜茜) as Zhong Ling (XL)
    • Wang Mao Lei as Huang Xiao Feng (XF)
    • Other nicknames:
    • MA as mean assistant (name is Huang Moa Ren)
    • MSD as mean sales director
    • IL as Indifferent lady/also a director
    • CEO as CEO

Episode 13

We starts with WRH keep trying to get on ZS’s back (by saying she is too tired to walk). ZS wants to help SN who refuses his help. ZXC is very motivated to win and doesn’t help anyone: he is the first to arrive. ZS looks at SN arrive last and tries to help her again. ZS feels bad for SN since she had the extra 1kg on her back. The trainer congrats him and they all have fun singing together (they sing a song about growing up and keep running without looking back). MA arrives dead last. 8D


1 833

At the residence, ZXC and ZS talk about the different type of girl at JM: WRH is a seducer who throw herself at ZS, GG is a fake good person (ZS complains about the beauty mask GG gave him and ZXC happily accepts it on his behalf xD), and SN is .. he can’t say it.


The next day, the interns do drill together. MA tells them the ranking for worst performing team: violet, green and orange (SN’s team). They play a new game: CS/paint ball. ZS and ZXC talk about how to play and WRH says ZS is so handsome. ._. ok…



When discussing, GG asks ZXC if he will let ZS win if they are against each other. He says he should not, but then again, he is his friend. GG and the other girl teammate are mad at him and kicks him xD Turns out they are indeed the last two groups remaining.

2  45 46

WRH tries to stay alone with ZS to make up and tell SN to go outside so they may be seperated. As SN is against the red team outside, they hear a clic (bullet) and it is chaos. Turns out ZS shot himself down because WRH was trying to kiss him/make out. LOL

16 17


MA asks them why ZS killed himself. ZS says it is because he didn’t want to play anymore, but GG tells the truth. Trainer decides both orange and red won. GG is still mad about what happened and asks if SN was a guy who would she chose. SN says she cannot chose, it is like asking who you like more between dad and mom.




At the girls residence, MA comes to tell them to close the light and sleep. The girls tries to get out advice about the next practice/exercise by doing aegyo and giving him food. Without realizing, MA tells them that the next game, they will have to find special objects.

41 42

In the middle of the night, they have their new mission. The goal will be to find the four mission teammates! ZS and WRH are two of the four lost teammates. Dun dun dun! To win, the players have to find them. (can someone sign me for this awesome camp?)

38 3944

We see that ZS and WRH are hiding together. WRH wants to stay inside with ZS again and starts yelling if he tries to leave the hiding place. ZXC is taking the mission very seriously while the girls are just worried ZS may become an item with WRH. The searching team seperates to find them.



SN passes next to their hideout and misses them (even if ZS tried to get her attention). GG comes by and sees them. GG thinks she is in a kdrama and is so happy she found him. She thinks ZS likes her since he told her where he was hiding. Actually, it is just because he didn’t want to be with WRH anymore.


Episode 14

After the game, MA comes to see the interns. He has ‘great’ news. The important high-class execs of JM are coming to the camp and will be playing basketball with them. After MA leaves, the interns are complaining that they are so tired and they are going to die at this rate. xD

At the game, the execs look well fed and in good shape while as the interns look tired xD. Anyway, the interns discuss between them if they should let the execs win and ZS says they have to win themselves! MA is so funny as the referee as he is obviously biased toward the execs team.

36 37 49

ZXC’s hits the d**k of the president and MA is soooo mad at ZXC. xD Actually, president just faked his injury. HAHAHAHA The execs won.


At night, everyone is around a camp fire. (sidenote: the Rio bottle are like shining in the dark! So pretty.. I wanna try them too!) For once, all the interns are talking and having fun with MA. If it keeps going, I won’t be able to call him mean assistant anymore ._.


As for SN, she is worried she may get fired since their team did not perform that well during the different exercises. SN and ZS have a very cute conversation and it seems like finally they can understand each other. The next day, IL tells them the ranking: the violet team are last and will leave JM.

Meanwhile, at NBL’s company, it is a harsh time as the company is firing some old useless employees. At that moment, NBL arrives (she is late for work). Her boss tells her that she should not be expecting special treatments (just because they do boxing together) and if the next time she still arrives late, she will be fired. The boss later tells her that she will have to fire these old employees since this is the type of things that are too shameful for official employees to do. NBL sees that on the list is GG’s mom. Oh oh…


At night, NBL arrives home and sees her mom in ropes (her aunt did it). It is because her mother has psychological problems and is dangerous if left by herself. NBL tells her she brought her her favorite meal and takes down the ropes. She tells her:

It is my fault, because I am powerless. I have no money to let you go to the hospital. I wanted to do an internship so I can’t stay with you everyday. Don’t blame me. Auntie is putting you in ropes. Don’t blame her. She has to take care of you, cook and do the laundry. We don’t have much money anymore. Oh. Dad called. He says when we will have enough money, we will bring you to the hospital. Mom, are you happy?

4 5

NBL’s mom keeps yelling and starts hitting on her. Auntie tries to seperate them by taking the mother away and bond her back to the chair. NBL cries seeing her mother in such a poor state.

The next day, NBL tries to go fire people, but is unsuccessful since the oldies know RH people are coming and tries to run away when they see these employees. NBL gets a call from her auntie and goes back home. Her mother fainted and she brings her at the hospital.

6 7

Meanwhile, at GG’s house, the oldies are worried about their job positions. They decide to hide at home playing mahjong so the RH people can’t find them.

Back at the dorm, GG and SN are happy they are done with the army camp. WRH is on the phone talking with her lover. GG gets mad and tries to hang up her call. GG and WRH start fighting against each other. SN succeeds to seperate them apart. At that moment, GG’s mom calls: she wants to invite the girls from the dorm to eat at her house.

29 30 31

At dinner, GG’s mom asks NBL if she is on the list of employees to fire. NBL doesn’t answer and GG’s mom understands from that. When NBL leaves the kitchen, mother cries by herself 😥

The next day, the friend of GG’s mom tries to hide from NBL, but still gets caught. He faints and NBL tries to yell for help. Probably because of a lack of cardio and fitness, the old man dies… :'((((( so sad!!!! OMG I AM NOT happy with this.

JM also has an old employee who died so the interns have to go to the funeral. MSD says life is so short and at some level, working is so not worth it. A person’s most precious thing is his life. (didn’t know he was that wise) There, SN and GG meets NBL. They see NBL gets kicked out from the funeral house and you can really see the guilt on NBL’S face. She just wanted to pay her respect.

9 10 12

At home, NBL tries to pay her respect by burning some funeral paper. However, the land owner arrives and tell him that he is not allowed to do that. Poor NBL! 😦


After work, ZS offers a ride to the interns. GG tells ZXC to walk insteed since it is more healthy! xD GG’s mom sees GG getting down from ZS’s car and is happy. GG and her mom are now daydreaming that ZS will marry GG. xD

20 21 22


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