Border-Town Prodigal 《新边城浪子》 Character Stills+Stills


Do you feel like we don’t have enough ancient dramas (or that all the ones you are waiting for are on hold because of Chinese broadcast regulations)? Will, good for you, because more are coming! This is one of them and it is filming right now. This is an adaption from Gu Long’s wuxia novel of the same name. (Yes, more wuxia dramas!) I think it will get a good shot at being released since Zhang Xinyu is on it and we all know her dramas come out quiet fast… The actors casted are Zhu Yilong (yeah!), Yu Qing Bin, Zhang Xinyu, Jiao En Jun (Vincent Jiao), Wang Yi Tong, Gong Mi , Chai Bi Yun , and Yang Jing Ru. It will be a 50 episodes drama and since it started filming in June, now we have stills and character posters! Yeah!


Border Town Prodigal 《新边城浪子》

Viann Zhang Xin 张馨予饰马芳铃
Fuhong Xue  朱一龙饰傅红雪
Ye Bin  于青斌饰叶开
Dingling Lin 贡米饰丁灵琳
Vincent Chiao 焦恩俊饰花寒衣
Qiu Xinzhi 邱心志饰马空群
Jia Zhang Junning 张峻宁饰路小佳
Wang Yi 王艺瞳饰花白凤
Sanniang 杨净如饰沈三娘
Chai Biyun 柴碧云饰翠浓

Character Stills:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20123456

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