[Movie] 新娘大作战 Bride Wars with Angelababy and Ni Ni


  • Cast: Angelababy, Ni Ni, Chen Xiao, Zhu Yawen
  • Release date: 20th August, 2015

Synopsis by Deadline:

Directed by Tony Chan, and starring Angelababy and Ni Ni in the roles originally played by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway in 2009, Bride Wars is about two best friends who turn into bitter rivals when their respective weddings are booked on the same date. To one up each other, the two go to extreme lengths to sabotage each other’s happy day.

My comments:

We already wrote articles about this movie so I am not going to elaborate on the casting or story line. This movie seems to be lots of fun. The acting looks average from the teasers and trailer, but Ni Ni looks gorgeous in every cut of the movie. In addition, I am expecting a lot from Angelababy and Chen Xiao’s onscreen romance…brief, definitely something that I wanna watch!

New BTS cut:

New stills:

b7bec2eegw1et9p2n8a4rj20qe0hl7bp b7bec2eegw1et9p2ooufxj20qe0hldjr b7bec2eegw1et9p2719zpj20qe0dvmz8704_1648548_217286 a0a56cc1jw1etn2k8mqbaj20qe0hl7bq a0a56cc1jw1etn2k8x8rlj20qe0hltdl a0a56cc1jw1etn2k9aaouj20qe0hljz4 a0a56cc1jw1etn2k9i22yj20qe0hl7bc a0a56cc1jw1etn2k85tboj20qe0hl460 a0a56cc1jw1etn2k93p33j20qe0hlq7o704_1677442_956396704_1677444_960903704_1677445_176561704_1677446_242290704_1677448_910675704_1689797_367592704_1689798_565926704_1689799_940936704_1689800_803278704_1689801_457595704_1689802_278010704_1689803_829414704_1689804_164533704_1689805_645457704_1689806_149540

Lovely gifs of Angelababy ^^:

84183780gw1etn3io2jqgg208c06yhdu 84183780gw1etn3jf31erg208c06pqv6 84183780gw1etn3jjwvcgg208c06pe82


Press Conference featuring Chen Xiao and Angelababy below. I just realized this is the second project of the two stars (after Song in the Clouds)!

704_1687678_368688 704_1687680_398743 704_1687684_696037


4 thoughts on “[Movie] 新娘大作战 Bride Wars with Angelababy and Ni Ni

  1. humbledaisy1 says:

    I was just watching My Lucky Star the other day and one of my movie watching friends said it reminded her of Bride Wars – and then, we found out it was being remade. We’ll be looking forward to it.


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