[Movie] 聶隱娘 The Assassin with Shu Qi and Ethan Ruan

21128_4204709_922705This martial movie seems really promising! It is a collaboration between China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, which normally means (at least from my personal experience), good plot device and special effects. It already won a prize during the Cannes Film Festival…

  • Cast: Shu Qi, Chang Chen, Zhou Yun, Ethan Ruan
  • Release date: 31st July, 2015

Set in the Tang Dynasty (hehe, one of my favorite ^^), this wuxia film tells the story of Nie Yinniang and her transformation into a skilled assassin. She is asked to kill Lord Tian, whom she once betrothed. Overall, the movie seems interesting to me and despite a very simple plot, it looks nice enough for me to look forward to it.


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Red Carpet


Red Carpet during Cannes Festival 2015 (Shu Qi is so gorgeous ><)

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2 thoughts on “[Movie] 聶隱娘 The Assassin with Shu Qi and Ethan Ruan

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Sadly, he will only be making a cameo in this movie :”D and approved, he needs to come back to modern dramas!


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