[Not C-Ent] My Current Kpop Favorite Acts!


Hi lovely people! I don’t usually write articles about Kpop, since there is tons of them on  other platforms, but considering all the awesome comebacks of the last few weeks, I thought:

1. Super Junior’s comeback! I don’t follow them that much anymore but it is SO NICE to see them in the spotlight, with the amazing song Devil and a kick ass choreography. The MV is gorgeous and really make each of them shine in a mature and classy way *.* :

2. Girl’s Generation’s comeback! I love the main song, Party, which has a Bohemian concept that I adore. The choreography is also really fun and make me think of Gee and Oh! and it is really nice to see them go back to their roots ^^! However, I still prefer Check…that song is just perfect!! The lyrics are absolutely addictive and the outfits  are seductive and classy. Definitely the best song of SNSD in 2015 (even better than Catch Me If You Can). Here is my favorite stage performance:

3. f(x)’s CF for Baskinrobbins

OMG. OMG. OMG. I can’t to how gorgeous my girls looks in this CF. They are just perfection and I fangirled as if they made a comeback when I saw the CF for the first time. It is seriously out of this world gorgeous. For a lot of people, f(x) represent Summer Time (they used to do all their comeback in July) so it is perfect for my girls to sponsor a brand of Bingsoo *.* It seems they sponsored the brand with Shinee, EXO, and Red Velvet:

4. Krystal, Taemin, and Kai’s photoshoot

5. Big Bang’s comeback Bang Bang Bang


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