[Recap] Best Get Going 加油吧实习生 Ep. 17-18


The drama is getting so depressive today! Everything starts to fall apart for Ge Ge and she feels extremely lonely. 

  • Cast:

    • Zhao Li Ying as Song Nuan (SN)
    • Zheng Kai as Zhang Sheng (ZS)
    • Cai Wen Jing (蔡文静) as Zhou Ge Ge (GG)
    • Zheng Jia Bin (郑家彬) as Zhao Xiao Chuan (ZXC)
    • Che Xiao as Hao Min (HM)
    • Vanessa Wang (王祉萱 ) as Gao Wen Ruo Han (WRH)
    • Fu Jing (付静) as Ning Ba La (NBL)
    • Meng Rui (孟瑞) as Chen Hua (CH)
    • Xia Qian Qian (谢茜茜) as Zhong Ling (XL)
    • Wang Mao Lei as Huang Xiao Feng (XF)
    • Other nicknames:
    • MA as mean assistant (name is Huang Moa Ren)
    • MSD as mean sales director
    • IL as Indifferent lady/also a director
    • CEO as CEO

Episode 17

tumblr_nrz9wf4SoU1tnzn5zo2_1280 tumblr_nrz9wf4SoU1tnzn5zo3_1280 tumblr_nrz9wf4SoU1tnzn5zo5_1280

Episode starts with ZS talking to GG, admitting he has fallen in love with SN. Ge Ge is shocked and find an excuse to leave the restaurant as soon as possible. She sits on the floor till Song Nuan arrives…

GG screams at SN, declaring: “I thought you were my friend. You lied to me. Me, I was transparent clear all this time, I told you how much I love ZS, I told you everything. But you didn’t even care. And now, he loves you. I must look so silly while you are still the perfect angel every guy falls in love with”.

Song Nuan is sad too and answers: “How am I an angel! How do you see it? Because I can’t. I have to listen to your love problems, but what about me? What I care about is how to keep my job, how to help my dad who got fired. If I am an angel, why am I so tired?”

The next day, ZS comes to talk with Song Nuan but she ignores him, calling him insensitive to declare his love for her.


GG discovers WRH was in the same restaurant as she was last night. WRH laughs at her:

“So Zhang Sheng likes Song Nuan. Haha, who would knew. I don’t mind myself, as long as it isn’t you he likes. But seriously, how mad must you feel, knowing that the SN you considered as yourminion eventually does better than you in the domain of love. You know what your problem is? You think too highly of yourself”


GG is devasted and asks ZXC to go drink with her. She sings out her sadness, asking why the ZS she loves so much doesn’t love her but SN instead. ZXC hears all of this and is heart broken. He goes to ZS and tells him how egoist he does not want to be his friend ever.

“You used GG as a way to get away from WRH. You used me to get promotion for your internship. You used SN as a way to piss off your mom. What CAN’T you do? Why make GG so miserable? I don’t want to be friend with you anymore.


(sidenote: I don’t think we can blame Zhang Sheng for GG been sad since she pretty much brought it on herself… poor ZS ><)

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The four ex-friends (ZS, ZXC, SN, GG) meet at the office the next day. GG tells SN to stop talking to her and to not embarass her in public anymore. SN tells ZS to stop talking to her.


Next we have NBL, trying to stalk the mom of GG at her home. As she starts talking to fire her, GG’s mom fake illness and is brought to the hospital. She acts as a deaf person to not hear the news…

Episode 18


NBL waits at the hospital and eventually decides to call GG who arrives. GG tells her:

“We spent 4 years of university together, didn’t we? We were friend right? Then let my mom alone, don’t fire her. My mom is in the hospital, she is miserable! How dare you stay in her room, still waiting for an opportunity to FIRE her? This is the hospital! Be human and LEAVE!”

NBL does not say anything but stays.

WRH and ZXC talks together and as ZXC tells her his hopes of making GG fall in love with him, she answers: “Are you stupid? The difference between you and ZS is not personality, it is money! There is no way she will fall for you.”

tumblr_nrz2ngtBTf1qc5fpbo1_540 tumblr_nr5mpp7jTm1qf3vh0o1_500

SN talks to her dad about her current problem with GG. Her dad comforts her and tell her:”You are SN. Use your own methods to win her back!” SN hugs her dad, thanking him for helping her.

The hospital declares GG’s mom to be completely fine (well… DUH) and since she is healthy, to leave her place for people with more needs that her. Using this opportunity, NBL decides to tell her directly she is fired. Both GG and GG’s mom start screaming at her, calling her inhuman and not a friend.


NBL calls SN to ask for some money. She tells her what happened while saying:”I fired her but I am not a bad person. You have to believe me”. NBL goes home to her mom, who has a moment of clarity. Her mom tells her she doesn’t want to make NBL worry and prefer going back to the countryside. NBL declares it is fine and help her to wash. A few minutes later, NBL’s mom try to kill her again </3

tumblr_noljckuNQk1uveg43o1_540  tumblr_nogmz6mFy41ss6gb7o5_400

GG goes drinking with ZXC once again, sad because all her friends abandoned her, ZS does not like her, and her mom got fired. She also left the dorm. ZXC drinks a TON of alcohol that night and tells her he is mad at her for only using him as a tool. He knows she does not love him, but he is mad she loves ZS for his money. He does not want to be used anymore and leaves. However, he still pays for the room and the cab for GG, obviously still in love.

The next day, GG discovers her mom invited a guy at home, a potential future husband. He is working at Silicon Valley and makes 5K $ per month. Her mom is over the moon happy but GG rejects instantly. Furious, her mom tells her to move out.


2 thoughts on “[Recap] Best Get Going 加油吧实习生 Ep. 17-18

  1. archidisign says:

    The ending is good though! But yeah, definitely sounds like a very depressing episode. I just hope SN and ZS can go back to their carefree time together (forget about GG!)


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