[Recap] Best Get Going 加油吧实习生 Ep. 31-34


There isn’t much happening in these episodes; nothing too sad, nothing too happy – except maybe a cute couple moment! We follow SN as she adapts to her new lifestyle in the countryside. I love to see our girl trying to help others find motivations about life. Good thing is that ZXC and ZS are coming to help her out!

ps; Sorry for the late update this time. I had some wifi issues…

  • Cast:
    • Zhao Li Ying as Song Nuan (SN)
    • Zheng Kai as Zhang Sheng (ZS)
    • Cai Wen Jing (蔡文静) as Zhou Ge Ge (GG)
    • Zheng Jia Bin (郑家彬) as Zhao Xiao Chuan (ZXC)
    • Che Xiao as Hao Min (HM)
    • Vanessa Wang (王祉萱 ) as Gao Wen Ruo Han (WRH)
    • Fu Jing (付静) as Ning Ba La (NBL)
    • Other nicknames:
    • MA as mean assistant (name is Huang Moa Ren)
    • MSD as mean sales director
    • IL as Indifferent lady/also a director
    • CEO as CEO

Episode 31

SN and ZS are having a heart to heart conversation where they talk about the long hardship that is their internship. ZS seriously and sincerely thanks SN for her help during the worst part these past months and says it is thanks to her that he is staying at JM now. SN is moved to see how much ZS had changed since like.. the first time they met.

56 57 58 59

The next day, SN finally meets the workers at the Chongming work place. Apparently, because of their lazy behavious in general, they don’t like to work at all and would rather have fun all day. They like to prepare some entertainment theater shows and weddings. SN, even if she didn’t finish register yet as an employee there, was brought to one of these weddings to animate it… xD

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Later, SN tries to work and sees that the people there really don’t take work seriously. For instance, the new boss Mr.Wang just gave her a blank form to fill with the seal already on. She tries to work, but just get Mr.Wang mad (he wants her to go back to Shanghai). SN tells CEO about the lack of working spirit at the company.

At JM, GG’s mom is working as a cleaning lady, but she gets caught ber her own daughter. Mom tells her she is going to resign now so that she won’t bring shame to her daughter. GG says she thinks it is ok to work and get a salary using your own two hands.

43 44 45 47

ZXC comes to visit SN at Chongming to give her the material from the company. They send her a ‘punching’ machine which will be used to make sure the employees are working properly. He also give SN a Winnie the Pooh doll, saying it is from ZS: he says to use it as if it was him. Awwww! SN is still a bit disappointed that ZS didn’t come himself though.

37 38

CEO hears about the bad performances of the workers at the Chongming office and reprimand Mr.Wang. Mr.Wang thinks SN is a spy and all the workers there tells her to go back to Shanghai now!


Episode 32

ZXC goes back to Shanghai and SN is left by herself, all scared.


SN decides to work hard and sends a text to ZS, but because he is in a meeting, gives up, not wanting to annoy him.

31 32 33

SN’s dad is working hard in a bar by washing the dish. Since the bar has a KTV kind of thing, he goes up there and sings. He gets the approval of the public who enjoys his singing ability.

At work, SN is trying to supervise and make sure people will come to work at the office. However, Mr.Wang tells her to stop trying. Indead, the next day, nobody comes. They keep playing cards, doing sports, watching chinese opera stuff, etc. SN keeps trying as much as she can and keeps a smile at all situations. She even go stalk Mr.Wang at his house saying she wants him to start coming to work. The employees are starting to get bored about her.

22 24 25

35 36

SN calls ZS who tells her jokes and this makes her feel a little bit better.

18 19

ZS decides to come see SN at Chongming, but instead see the employees bullying her (they threw away SN’s stuff outside). ZS helps SN put the stuff back together. SN says she will work hard and stay until she succeeds. ZS goes to ask CEO if he too can be send to Chongming to help her out. CEO says he will think about it a bit before.

4 5 6

Meanwhile, at the company: GG and ZXC are send on a work trip to bring a new expensive product to destination. However, on the way there, the car gets stolen with GG still in the backseat… Oh oh.

Episode 33

GG is kidnapped by the thief in a random weird garage. GG makes the thief believe that the product in the car they stole is dangerous and may be poisonous. The thieves are scared. ZXC really wants to save GG and finds the garage where the thieves are hiding. He puts bombs on himself and says he will make the whole place explode if they don’t let GG go. The thieves run away and GG is really touched at how much ZXC is ready to do to help her out. They go back to work and report about their trip. They gets compliments and are very happy.

51 52 53 54

At work, SN finds a letter from a potential customer saying he would be interested to buy JM product. After realizing that at the Chongming office nobody answered the letter, SN calls the client who is still interested to work with them. SN work hard day and night to prepare the business  preparation. However, the other employees are not happy to see her work as it shows even more that they are not. Mr.Wang deletes the propostion from SN’s computer. SN confronts the employees, but nobody wants to say it was them. SN works even harder to do it again and this time, she brings the usb with her everywhere she goes. However, after going to the bathroom, she realized that the coworkers just broke her computer (stole something so it won’t work).


SN is super sad and cries. At that moment ZS came to her rescue! CEO let ZS go help SN at the countryside, but he did remind ZS that the company does not allow love story between the employees…

2 3 16 17

Episode 34

SN tells ZS that the place is full of ghost. At night, while sleeping, both SN and ZS are scared to death because of all the scary noises and horror things they thought they saw. They ask Mr.Wang to give them a new place to live, but was obviously refused. Only at the end of this episode does they realize that actually, it was all fake: they just wanted to scare. The ghost was done by the son of Mr.Wang.

29 30 11 12 13 144950

At the office, SN and ZS goes to see the client to give the proposal. The client is happy and they sign the deal. oh yeah! On the way back, it starts raining a lot and they have a cute couple moment (he gives her his coat). ZS tells her that he thinks SN is working too hard, is too energetic. That’s why the employees didn’t want to have SN there because they think SN makes them look bad. SN thinks he is right and tells ZS he is good to her. ZS says he will always be there for her and SN is moved.

15 17 18 21

They adapt together at the new place:

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At JM, ZXC says that he doesn’t want to stay at JM at the end of the internship: he wants to have a fun youthful lifestyle. GG is very thankful to ZXC about the kidnapping and wants to invite him to come eat. ZXC first doesn’t want to go because he doesn’t want to meet her mother. Finally, he still goes. Mom doesn’t like ZXC because she still remembers when he came to her house playing the rich boyfriend to trick her. Mom asks him when he will buy a house in Shanghai and ZXC says never because he believes buying a house would bring too much responsibility and destroy his freedom. Later, ZXC tells GG that he thinks her mother is too obsessed with money. GG is sad to see him leave.

After finding out that the ghosts were lies, SN and ZS counterattack. They first go tell the employees that they are indead scared because they saw the ghosts. Mr.Wang also goes back to where SN’s client was to tell him that the products have malfunction and cannot work properly. The client tells SN really madly that they are not going to cooperate with JM anymore.

8 10

Then later, they disguise themselves as ghost to scare the mean employees. It is also at that time that SN and ZS finally kiss!!

1 2 3 4


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