August 08/2015 Chinese Drama Airing Dates


OMG. Did you guys survive July? I hope so. After so many great released dramas, I think I past most of my July month in front of the screen. With Best Get Going nearly done airing and Whirlwind Girl that only have three weeks left, there is still Hua Qian Gu that will keep airing until September. With the overdose of dramas, these days, I am always tired (yop, addiction to dramas is not good for your health). Unless there is a really good drama that may air, I doubt I will watch one. Anyway, enough about me and July. Here is August coming with new dramas. There aren’t many I am that interested in so maybe I will have more time to relax. ^^

08/02/2015 (today!) 裸嫁时代 (translated to Nude Marriage Times) with Wang Lei and Cao Xiwen


08/04/2015 太行山上

08/05/2015 秀才遇到兵 Xiucai Encountered Soldiers with Li Chen, Ma Su and Sha Yi


08/09/2015 神犬小七 Hero Dog with Jin Shijia, Guo Biting (Haden Kuo), and Wang Yang We covered the drama before here.


08/09/2015 我的绝密生涯

08/11/2015 我的媳妇是女王 My Wife is the Queen with Huo Siyan, Lei Jiayin, and Cao Zheng


08/12/2015 二胎时代 Two Kids Generation with Wang Xiao, Chen Jiangyi, Yang Yang


08/15/2015 最佳前男友 My Best Ex-boyfriend with Jerry Yan, Jiang Shuying and Wu Zhuoxi


08/20/2015 激战

08/21/2015 黄河在咆哮

08/26/2015 铁在烧 (Translated as Iron Burning) with Wang Lei, Liu Tao and Qi Kui


08/26/2015 毕业歌 Graduating Song with Li Xiaoran, Wang Yaoqing, and Wen Yongshan


08/27/2015 伪装者 The Disguiser with Hu Ge and Jin Dong



Is it me or August dramas kind of suck? Sorry if someone was expecting one of these dramas to come out. Except Hu Ge’s drama, I am not sure I will try any of them – of course, I will wait for the ratings to come in and chose then. These are all not summer dramas so … it is a bit disappointing. These are like, dramas for adults? Anyway, you don’t have to worry too much because I have a good news! The summer August dramas look awesome and I am going to do another post about all of them soon!


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