[Drama] Nirvana on Fire with Hu Ge and Liu Tao


Here is another official post about exclusively Nirvana on Fire. As mentionned before the drama will be released this September, for a speedy release of two weeks! Be ready for some none stop watching and a lot of lack of sleep. The cast has Liu Tao, Hu Ge and Wu Lei!

Hu Ge
as Mei Changsu / Su Zhe
Liu Tao as Princess Nihuang
Chen Long as General Meng Zhi
Wang Kai (王凯) as Xiao Jingyan
Huang Wei De (黄维德) as Prince Yu
Jin Dong (靳东) as Lin Chen
Gao Xin (高鑫) as Crown Prince
Wu Lei as Fei Liu (Mei Changsu’s bodyguard)

During the Datong era of the Southern Liang Dynasty, Northern Wei sent troops southward and General Lin Xie took his only child, the 17 year old Lin Shu to the battlefield. Unexpectedly, Lin Xie was framed by a political rival, causing the unjust deaths of seventy thousand Chi Yan army soldiers, just after they drove off the hostile Wei forces. Fortunately, Lin Shu was rescued by a loyal subordinate, although he barely escaped with his life. With the help of Lang Ya Hall, Lin Shu was able to establish the Jiang Zuo Alliance, and returns to the capital 12 years on as the leader Mei Changsu. He secretly assists his friend Xiao Jingyan, the unfavoured son of Emperor Wu and wisely rids the court of all scheming officials, successfully overturning the past injustices of the Chi Yan army ahead of his impending death. Northern Wei uses the current political instability and chaotic governance of Emperor Wu in their favour and attacks again. With no one to lead the army, Mei Chang Su takes the herb that would stimulate his physical abilities and in the last 3 months of his life, suppresses the opposing army, choosing to end his life the way Lin Shu would have it.

**credit to Dramawiki

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