Idol Up: Review for First Episode


Did anyone of you guys watched the first episode of Idol Up? Both Archidisign and myself did and we have so much to say! Here is a little introduction post for all of you guys not sure if you want to start it!


The episode starts off with the girls coming one at a time in the conference room, having to choose by THEMSELVES which team they want to be in: Ren Qi (Popular) or Qi Ren (Angry) team. It kind of sucks how a few idols had to change from Popular to Angry since not enough voters among the public voted for them. I can clearly see the Popular team will be favored by the PDs through out the variety show. Seriously, do you really need to make a variety show so dramatic? Most of the younger girls (except Zhao Liying) got into Angry team since they do not have a lot of exposure in the entertainment world yet.


Ning Ting is the first one to appear. She is well known to be a high maintenance lady who picks up a fight with everyone. When Zhao Li Ying enters the room, she innocently asks NT, “You didn’t wear a grown for today? I thought they told everyone to”, not seeing it since NT was sitting. NT did not say anything but looked a little pissed XD…


Brigitte Lin is among the last ones to enter the room, and everyone is extremely moved by her appearance. She is extremely famous and started in tons of sensational movies so everyone stood up, trying to hug her and thank her for her moving performances. Everyone even starts crying, surprised Brigitte would appear on a variety show XD… A cute moving moment.704_1698971_300245

Ouyang Nana, Guli Nazha, and Kristy Zhang are the youngest and all look like they have different personalities. I hope they will develop strong bonds together, been on the same team! OYNN looks the cutest to me, hehe :3…


The two teams are then welcomed by their hosts (He Jiong and Wang Han) and departs to the countryside to play a game. First they must pick helpers. It is a little sad how the Angry Team (AKA Blue Team) have less people willing to help them 😦 The Popular Team (AKA Red Team) wins.


Then, it is supper time! The food finally arrives on the table while the idols are asking each other questions. It is funny how Xie Na is the only one eating while everyone else is talking or listenning~. Guli Nazha has a touching (or in Archidisign’s words: over-exaggeratedly emotive) moment where she talks about the haters online.


Next is a small game before sleep. GLNZ succeeds instantly, which is really amazing. Zhao Liying however attempts multiple times without success. Everyone tease her :”D Oh well, we still love you girl!

End of today’s episode!

I personally found this episode really fun to watch despite the over dramatic moments and the sometimes awkward moments (understandable since it is the first meeting!). I will definitely continue watching 😀


Cute to see Xie Na and Zhao Liying been friendly! 😀

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13 thoughts on “Idol Up: Review for First Episode

  1. archidisign says:

    I found the first episode really awkward though! I am sincerely hoping the cast will be able to relax a bit more and really play together without caring too much about appearances. I guess it is a good thing there is no male idols because that would make the whole show even more… awkward??


    • Ann says:

      Lol, especially awkward since 10 idols sleep in 2 rooms (5 idols in each room). Guzha seems to be attention grabbing/acting though. OUNN is seriously adorable though! I only watched for ZLY, but I like it so far. A little awk, maybe it will be better when they bond with each other and there are male guests and games.


      • archidisign says:

        Guzha xD (I like this better than typing out her whole name…) Yop, Guzha does sound a bit attention grabbing. Ikitten says she did get a lot of hate, but I never saw any! Since she is from Tangren, I thought she got a fandom quiet easily so, in my opinion, she really doesn’t have to complain. Plus, physically, she is gorgeous *_*
        OUNN is so cute!! omg, I never saw any of her projects, but if I definitely want to try now! She is mostly a musician though. ZLY is super cute and natural, but she does bring a lot of awkwardness. I really hope to see her bound with the other girls soon!


  2. Ann says:

    Guzha really has nothing to complain about seeing as she got lead roles pretty easily. I mean, I don’t know how she got them… but her first roles are female leads opposite Lin Gengxin and Zhang Han. It’s kinda understandable people would hate since she seemingly did nothing to earn them. Most actors start from small roles and eventually, build their skills to become lead actors. Plus, I haven’t seen THAT much hate to the point where she would be reading hate mail daily like she says. From the one project I saw her in, she wasn’t good either… and no offense, but how is she an idol?! How was she able to get on this show? Anyways, I can definitely see why people would not like her. She acts like she’s deserving of so much more, but she should be thanking her lucky stars for all the opportunities handed to her. Other actresses work for years and aren’t as fortunate as her. I will still give her a chance, but I didn’t like her acting in the first episode. Seemed a little over-the-top and unwarranted. Yeah, OUNN is only a cellist I think, so she only performs live. But, she definitely has potential for more. She’s so talented. ZLY is really straight-forward and blunt lol! I kinda like that about her though. Can’t wait to see more of her 🙂


    • archidisign says:

      But she is the second female lead in God of War Zhao Yun. But yes, she did get a lot of high profile projects like: Xuan Yuan Sword, Classics of Mountain and Seas, God of War Zhao Yun and Idol Up. She also went on Happy Camp: for a newbie, she definitely got so much exposure. I am sure Tangren backed her up so she could appear on Idol Up. But I do see a lot of potential in her (face) xD Like really, I am sure she will get a lot of lead roles veerryyy soon. I didn’t like her way of behaving on the episode one either. She gave like a I-want-to-be-the -victim vibe, and really, that’s a no no for me.
      I do feel like a lot of celebrities in China are indead getting the free pass these years: think of Kris Wu and Luhan. A lot of Koreans, Hong Kongeses and Taiwaneses get a free pass in China. It does feel unfair to the actual Chinese actors working so hard, but again, that’s how it work in showbiz: it is all based on fanbase and luck.


  3. topdawg67 says:

    Totally did not expect Lin Ching Hsia to show up, loved how everyone admired her. Btw a little typo I noticed 宁静 is Ning Jing not Ning Ting.


  4. Tammy says:

    I just saw Ep. 1 without any Eng Subs. 😦 I really wish I understood more Chinese! It’s pretty funny and I did enjoy Ep. 1 so i will try to pull through the rest without any subtitles. If anyone knows a site with subs, please let me know!

    Thanks for the clarifications about the who Guli crying thing. I wasn’t sure what she was crying about. She’s probably the super sensitive type that can’t stand being hated on.

    I think Ada, Athena and Nana are the funniest! They’re way older than the rest of the other girls and don’t really care too much about their image. ZLY should really try more. I notice that she’s always so distant from everyone. I agree with Ann about her being really blunt and straightforward.

    I want to see the 10 beauties let go of themselves and have more fun on this show! Korean TV shows (Ex: Running Man and Invincible Youth) are absolutely hilarious since the the games are more fun and everyone is a lot more competitive. Looking forward for more Up Idol!


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