[Story line recap] 旋风少女 Whirlwind Girl Ep. 17-20


So how much did our little trainees improved after two years? It is quiet obvious that some worked really hard while some really lacked off. xD However, emotion wise, it seems like nothing had changed… yet. I kind of find the show a bit boring now since everything is soooo prectible and there really is 0 character developpment…

  • Hu Bingqing as Wei BaiCao (BC)
  • Yang Yang as Ruo Bai (RB)
  • Wu Lei as Hu Yi Feng (YF)
  • Chen Xiang as Feng Ting Hao (FTH)
  • Bai Jing Ting as Yu Chu Yuan (YCY)
  • Zhao Yuan Nuan as Feng Ting Yi (FTY)
  • Vincent Jiao as Qu Xiao Nan (QXN)
  • other nicknames:
  • SCL: Super Coach Lady
  • BFF: The best friend of BC, Xiao Ying

Episode 17

FTH brings BC to his grandfather’s birthday (his 70th) reception. Turns out he is the President of an important association (the one that direct the whole province). There, FTH tells his grandpa that BC is his girlfriend and he is really serious about her. Grandpa is very mad and SCL tries to calm him down by saying that FTH is just fooling around (even if FTH denies it).

4 8 11

After bringing back BC back to the dojo, FTH says they should start dating officially. BC of course refuses, panicking a little bit. FTH also offers her to practice together says he pretty much says he is a champion and is the best. BC refuses again saying that she is not a genius and should not practice with him. RB who seemed to have waited for BC to come back comes into the dojo and hears the confession. After FTH left, RB and BC practice together. RB wants to make BC the next big champion.


The next day, at the training program, before the practice really starts, FTH suggests out to compete for fun with RB. Although BC and her BFF try to refuse for him, RB he himself easily accept. While competing, it is obvious that RB’s hard work during the past two years turned out to be successful as he easily defends himself against FTH and only let him score two points. RB doesn’t seem to be tired, but FTH is sweating a lot. When it was obvious RB is going to attack now, SCL stops the duel and announces RB the winner.


SCL talks with FTH after and asks him why he has not worked harder for the last two years. FTH says it is because of the short period of time that he lost.

At the dorm, YF confronts RB about his love for BC, saying he won thanks to the power of love. RB denies, but YF replies back: You have been doing part-time work so much just to be able to help BC pay for her black belt test. If that’s not love, then nobody knows what it is.


FTH goes to see BC at work and tells her he is going to go practice seriously now. He will enclose himself from all temptations and entertainment. This match really made him realize that he is still lacking as a taekwondo practicer.

BC wants to cut her hair, but her hairdresser closed shop. She doesn’t know any other places that can help her for little cost. BC sees a cute strawberry hairpin and wants to buy it since it reminds her of YCY. However, it is too expensive. BFF and RB pass by and BFF tries to help her get a good deal. RB sees all of this and leaves. Turns out RB got a lot of part-time work as a translator. Later, BC goes to cut her hair… at an old people center (since it is free there). The haircut is horrible on her and she looks like a dog… ._. Even BFF and RB agree that it looks real bad.

Later, FTY is back to China and gets an interview accompanied by SCL. FTY talks about her boyfriend (which is obviously YCY). BC sees this and is sad.


Later at practice, SCL puts RB/FTY one team and BC/QXN’s daughter another group. RB protests without results since after all, he is just a student too. Coach says it is because FTY is the one that will compete in the international competition so she needs to practice with RB aka the best here. FTY makes fun of BC’s new haircut. The coach recommends the two to compete. This time, it seems like the level difference between BC and FTY is not as big anymore.

12 13

Episode 18

The match ends with no winner since they are pretty much equal (FTY attacked more while BC has a better success rate). SCL asks FTY why she under estimates BC. Later, FTY sees BC and RB practicing together and goes to say some mean words. Of course, RB defends BC at every one of these attacks. Finally, FTY challenges BC for a real match in exactly one week. After hesitating a little bit and asking RB if she should yes or not, she decides to accept.

YCY comes back home and sees that BC took good care of his flowers. At that moment, the dojo’s master aka dad of YCY comes in. Once again, YCY tells his dad that he only sees FTY as a sister. Dad agrees with whatever his son is thinking.

Later, BC and RB goes to eat out together (RB invites her of course): they eat beef noodles. BC is surprised to see that RB knows her taste and remembers what she said before. BC says that two years ago, it was thanks to him that she didn’t lose too badly to FTY. She really doesn’t know how she will perform next week. Also, as a server passes by and fell, BC runs to help her. As the restaurant thinks they are a couple, they offer a flower and to take their picture for free. Aww

2 3 30 31 36



Later the two goes to the night market, and meet YCY and FTY. YCY seems to still care a lot about BC. FTY uses this opportunity to say that RB/BC are definitely a couple. She also makes fun of BC’s haircut again. BC looks sad and says she only wants to focus on competitions. RB later tells her that if she doesn’t like FTY, she should try to win against her next week at the competition.

1 6 7

It is soon going to be BC’s birthday. QXN comes to give her his gift and let his daughter give it to her. She puts it in BC’s locker. RB uses this opportunity to put the strawberry hairpin he bought for her in the bag. BFF also brought a gift for BC. YCY brought her a new practice outfit. Turns out that YCY will be interning at the training program. BC is distracted by the presence of YCY and hits RB on the hand.


Episode 19

Everyone is celebrating BC’s birthday and having fun. BC sees the gifts from her teacher, her friends, RB and YCY and is very touched. BC goes to thank YCY for the gift, but isn’t able to knock on the door. YCY opens the door happily and says he will cut her hair if she wants. YCY asks her why she never contacted him when he was in US. BC tells him everything and says that FTY told her to never contact him again. She also gives him the pen that she wanted to 2 years ago (._. awkward).

Later, she sees RB and YF outside. However, he still does not confess he was the one who bought her the hairpin.


The next day, FTY sees YCY using the pen. YCY confronts her and says she is the one who is wrong. They fight as YCY tells her again and again that he only sees her as a sister. FTY is mad and yells. She says bad things about BC (saying she is not worth him) and says he has to take care of her since he promised her mother.

FTY is so mad that she breaks BC’s locker. BC seeing this tries to repair it herself and arrives late. At practice, BC doesn’t do her moves properly since she doesn’t want to dirty her new uniform. RB says she has to go change back to her old bad one. RB and YCY looks at each other (YCY looks mad :O ) Later, RB takes aways BC’s old uniform and repairs it for her.


9 10

At home, FTY holds a conference saying that she will definitely beat BC. FTH comes and wants to help her practice since he knows that just like him, she probably didn’t practice much during the last two years. FTY since she will definitely win since she is a genius and even yells at her brother for losing against RB.

At the competiton, everyone tries to help BC, but FTY brought in a lot of reporters to stress her out. They start competing. Episode ends with a 2 vs 0 score with FTY winning so far.


Episode 20

Since BC got hurt during her match, YCY goes to look after her and FTY is of course very jealous. During the second part, FTY is very agressive, but doesn’t get any point. It is because BC can see through all her attacks. Nobody makes any points.


At the third and last part, RB tells BC she can show her real power. Indead, during the match, BC shows her secret weapon: her triple kick. BC, RB and YCY all look happy/proud. Now, they are at 2 vs 2. At that moment, SCL decides to stop the match and to let the two girls end at equal. Flashback shows that RB and BC had been practicing her triple kick really hard recently to defeat FTY. The trainees congratulate her a lot, but FTY comes to say that she is just using it at the last part because she is afraid of FTY… ok..

40 46 103

SCL announces that BC and FTY will be competing again in one month. At that time, the winner will be representing the training program/province at the international competition. Furthermore, FTH also invites every taekwondo practicers with the talent to join the upcoming taekwondo camp in Korea. His company will pay for all the fees.

RB goes to see SCL to ask why she stopped the match. SCL confirms that indead she did this because of the powerful Feng family. Also, SCL keeps believing that FTY will win by the end. RB just asks her to keep her promise and he says BC is definitely going to win (he has a lot of courage to talk like this to his coach!)


At home, FTY is getting yelled at by grandpa who says she wasted her last two years doing absolutely nothing. FTY says she is sorry and will work hard from now on with her brother. Grandpa also forbiddes her from seeing YCY again.


4 thoughts on “[Story line recap] 旋风少女 Whirlwind Girl Ep. 17-20

  1. Jo says:

    I agree, the storyline is getting very simplistic and predictable (especially since there’s supposed to be only 8 episodes left, so we know the writers have to start wrapping things up).

    However, the drama still has a very natural feel-good vibe to it that keeps me watching, and of course Chen Xiang, Yang Yang, and the other boys are well worth the watch. (I was so sad when Fang Tinghao secluded himself to practice taekwondo…. Even if Qi Baicao doesn’t miss you, I will! ;o; LOL. At least he’s back now.)

    All of the Ruo Bai/Baicao shippy scenes are so sweet, especially when Ruo Bai is secretly doing things to help her or make her happy. (The sewing…! omg.) As much as I’m biased toward Chen Xiang, I have to say Ruo Bai and Baicao are a great fit.

    Looking forward to the next two weeks. I wonder how they’ll “redeem” Fang Tingyi. She’s getting soooo annoying (like in that scene when Yu Chuyuan confronted her about Baicao and the pen, and she screamed at him to get out, even though he was there first), but most youth-sports series find some way to have the female antagonist turn over a new leaf at the end. If I weren’t so slow at reading Chinese, I would try reading the original novel, but…. eh… >_>

    Liked by 1 person

    • archidisign says:

      Yop. If you think about it, aren’t the characters supposed to evolve a little bit during 2 years? How come YCY wasn’t able to be clear to FTY about his (non-existent) feelings for her. I really really hope the characters can mature by the end of the drama, considering they are all college students.
      The guys are soo handsome! Me too, I am also sad that my favorite (Yi Feng) doesn’t get much screen time now. I wouldn’t mind an episode dedicated to him :3 Yop, I think FTH should get more screen time too (I know he has no chance with BC, but he is so much more entertaining than YCY or RB)!
      I hope FTY becomes a better person soon. I think it is just because she is from a good family that she acts that way. She actually cares a lot about her brother, her mother and FTH.
      Oh yeah, it is based from a novel? I was sure it was based on a manga- don’t know why xD


      • Jo says:

        Well, Chuyuan probably did try to clear things up with Tingyi, but knowing her personality, she probably refused to listen. And knowing him, he was probably so wishy-washy about it that she figured he didn’t really mean it. *sigh*

        Do you think Yifeng will end up with Baicao’s BFF? They are quite cute together, although definitely the most immature of the bunch haha.

        Yeah, I think Tingyi is the way she is because she’s been so enabled her entire life and she’s used to getting whatever she wants. She’s obviously capable of caring a lot about the people she loves. I really like her sibling relationship with her brother (who, btw, has gotten so much hotter now that he has a serious streak alongside his goofiness… I think my love for older brothers is definitely showing haha).

        Most of Ming Xiaoxi’s novels have been adapted into manga, so this one probably has been too. It would be fun to read this in manga form.


      • archidisign says:

        Definitely! I can see YF and BFF end up together so much. Especially considering how they appeared together on Laugh out Loud and had a few sketches together. They really match each other well!
        I kind of like the Feng sibligns too! So I wish them a happy ending, even if they are the antagonists. Me too, I think I always wished to have a bigger brother. However, I just have a cousin who doesn’t care about me. #harshreality


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