Air date update: August 2015

Check out Cfensi’s new Chinese dramas airing in August. It seems like actually, a lot of good ones will air! (I wonder why the source I used earlier was so lacking in comparison..) Sorry!
From this new list, I am excited for Princess Jieyou, God of War Zhao Zilong, Mischievous Princess, Imminent, etc! This makes August sound so much better!


More excited for Hu Ge’s drama next month, but ah well…

The following dramas are supposed to come out sometime in August:
01.解忧公主(2015年08月) Princess Jieyou (Zhang Xinyi, Yuanhong) 
02.新萧十一郎(2015年08月) New Xiao Shiyi Lang(Yan Kuan, Gan Tingting)
03.武神赵子龙(2015年08月) God of War: Zhao Zilong (Lin Gengxin, Yuna)
04.心香女人(2015年08月) Women of Heart’s Fragrance (Han Dong, Jiang Kaitong)
05.调皮王妃(2015年08月) The Mischievous Princess
06.女子日记之做决定事务所(2015年08月) A Girl’s Diary: Things (I’m) Determined to Do

07.裸嫁时代(2015/8/2) Because of Love (Wang Lei, Cao Xiwen)
08.我的铁血金戈梦(2015/8/3) My Dream of Iron Blood, Gold Ge
09.暗黑者2(2015/8/3) Death Notify, The Darker Season 2 (this was supposed to come out in July)
10.枪火英雄(2015/8/3) Heroes Among Gunfire
11.迫在眉睫(2015/8/4) Imminent (Gillian Chung, Baron Chen)
12.太行山上(2015/8/4) On Mount Taixing (Tang Guoqiang)
13.秀才遇到兵(2015/8/5) The Genius Meets the Soldiers (Li…

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