Entertainment Update: Beautiful Secret, Time to Love, Chinese Paladin 5


We didn’t do an entertainment update for a long time and there had been some stills released for projects we covered in the past. Furthermore, more new projects were also announced so we are more than happy to cover them! 🙂

Beautiful Secret is the drama that will star Victoria Song from f(x) and Peter Ho. They recently released new stills and also hold a press conference.


Next, we have Chinese Paladin 5. With the cast being announced, we have here Guli Nazha, the female lead, working hard to film it.

1 2

Talking about her, her project with Zhang Han titled Classics of Mountain and Seas also released  new stills:

A new drama called Embraces the Stars of the Moon, about young college students and their love life, released their promotional stills:

The new republican drama Love the Song Que with Zhu Zixiao also released stills. He looks good! *_* After watching him in Tea Love, I am curious to see if he will, like I predict, become the next big shot of C-entertainment!

Talking about hot shot, the always popular Wallace Huo also released posters for his new project called The Honey Enemy. It is supposed to be a movie, but I believe I didn’t see it in my huge to be released August movies… I wonder why…


In dramaland, there is also a Time to Love! Nope, I am not talking about Bubujingxin movie version. This one is about young people in modern time and their love story. It stars Xiao Shen Yang, Michelle Ye, Hu Jing, Chang Cheng, Jessie Chiang, and Ma Tian Yu.


Finally, to end the Chinese entertainment world news, there are trailers and MV that were released:

The Gods (2016) with Luo Jin and Wang Likun

Time to Love (抓緊時間愛) MV

The Disguiser (2015) with Hu Ge


11 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Beautiful Secret, Time to Love, Chinese Paladin 5

  1. Ann says:

    I’m excited for the Honey Enemy cause of Wallace Huo 🙂 btw, do you know who is the male lead for Chinese Paladin 5 yet? Btw, is nazha looks very Western/white. She looks beautiful, but not at all Chinese. I noticed her Chinese is broken/choppy too (from watching Up Idol), did she come from another country?


      • Ann says:

        Oh! Never heard of him before. Seems like Tangren has quite a few productions and GLNZ is the lead in them. Thanks for explaining, Miss Attache. That’s interesting though, I didn’t know she was Muslim either! What does it mean to be a Tangren actor (from your previous post about the otp)?


      • archidisign says:

        Yop, right now, I think they are pushing really hard to make GLNZ their next most bankable actress after Liu Shishi. She has Legend Green Hill, God of War Zhao Yun, Classics of Mountains and Seas, Idol Up and Chinese Paladin 5.
        Tangren actor/actress just means that they are under the Tangren production company. They made a lot of really popular Chinese dramas that are well received with international fans too. Here is the wiki link if you want to learn more about them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tangren_Media


  2. Guli Nazha is a Chinese of Uyghur descent, a minority group residing mostly in Xinjiang Province. Racially they are part of the Turkic group, as is their spoken language (although Mandarin is still the official language), and the majority are Muslim. The other actress of Uyghur descent is Diliraba. I don’t know if there is an Uyghur working actor, but it would be awesome.


  3. Ann says:

    GLNZ certainly has the looks. And with so many big productions, she should be huge. I just hope her acting has improved somewhat (hopefully, won’t be painful to watch her anymore). I read through the link and it seems most of the series they produce are ancient series. And one of my favourites, bubujingxin. GLNZ’s look really suits ancient series too, kind of like Tong Li Ya, but even more ethereal. Seems like most of Liu Shi Shi’s dramas are produced by that one company. No wonder I have never seen her in a modern series. What company is Zhao Li Ying under?


    • archidisign says:

      She is kind of lucky I think. All these big productions have guaranteed fanbase, so she will shot to fame quiet fast. Yop, Liu Shishi is under that company xD (so is Hu Ge which explains the number of collaborations they had together). I think they are starting to make more modern dramas too (Bubujingqin for example). Liu Shishi has one republican and another modern dramas coming up soon (not with Tangren though).
      ZLY is under Hairun which is less well known. I think that, unlike kpop, the Chinese productions are not as exclusively determinated by the label the artist is under. Like, ZLY gets offered a lot of big roles even if she is not under a ‘SM-ish company’. Also, a lot of artist goes solo by creating their own company: Ruby Lin, Fan Bingbing, Yang Mi, Wallace Huo, etc. However, they are still casted in big projects even if they are not the ones producing it.


      • Ann says:

        She is lucky, but I think she was signed for a reason. GLNZ is stunningly beautiful, it won’t be hard to promote her at all (unless people continue to hate on her). On the other hand, she’s done quite a few movies as the female lead and never got big. So, who really knows… Popularity is kinda unpredictable. Really depends on fans. Oh, I tend to forget about bubujinqin cause that was just a disaster. I couldn’t get through that. I really anticipated watching it, but I was so disappointed. I always thought Liu Shi Shi and Yuan Hong had chemistry. There seems to be a lot of Republican dramas – isn’t the one Zhao Li Ying is filming right now also an anti-Japanese drama? And Li Yi Feng? Don’t hate me, but I don’t think Liu Shi Shi is beautiful in modern wear – she’s average/even below that, but she looks good in ancient Chinese clothing. I kind of think it’s more impressive that ZLY got big considering she didn’t get much promotion. It’s really only based on her own likeability and abilities.


      • archidisign says:

        Yop, with so many projects she is definitely going to get a lot of attention very soon from the media (or should I say, it already started!) I do feel like her popularity is lacking a bit compared to others who get the same amount of roles as her. This year and next year, when the projects will come out, we will know if yes or not she is going to be a raising star. BBJQ was a disappointment for all the fans xD I wonder if we fans are really ready to see the movie adaptation, which I fear will be another disappointment. Yes! There is definitely an increase of Republican dramas this year and I am not complaining since this period of time does have a great setting for Grandiose romance (love throughout all the obstacles!)
        Really? I think LSS looks gorgeous in all her roles! But it is true that I never watched any of her modern dramas (oups).
        ZLY really got very far considering she started from the countryside. She is actually older than Liu Yifei. Imagine the number of years she worked small roles and other hardships before she got what she has now. I am always supporting my girl! :3


  4. Ann says:

    You’re right, we’ll know soon enough where she’ll be a star. Though I think (in general) foreign-looking actresses aren’t adored/well-received as much i.e. Bea Hayden and Tong Li Ya. Even though they became very famous and are very beautiful, they aren’t top celebrities who get the endorsements or the recognition. I haven’t seen the movie but since I’m in Canada, it’ll probably be some time before it’s uploaded to be seen internationally. And yea, I think ZLY really hasn’t gotten too many opportunities. She hasn’t easily gotten to where she is now. But, she’s really smart with her choices. I think she chooses dramas from all different categories i.e. her first was a palace/gongdou one (legend of lu zhen), then a family dynamics one (wife’s secret), followed by an idol drama (boss & me). Now hua qian gu (a wuxia drama) + interns (a workplace one). Next, an anti-Japanese war drama. It’s all so different, perhaps, that’s why I never get tired of watching her 🙂 I like her versatility! And there’s something about ZLY that makes you wanna root for her. Plus, I noticed that she is getting big endorsements. Chinese endorsements pays very well and there so many celebrities to choose from, which makes it all the more special!


    • archidisign says:

      Bea Hayden and Tong Liya are getting a good and reasonable fame though. Tong Liya especially has a lot of contacts in the c-entertainment and starred in a lot of popular dramas. But yeah, I do see your point: they are still very far from FBB and Yang Mi’s category. I do hope the situation is changing as people are becoming more and more accustomed to mixed people (e.g. most of the kids on Dad Where Are You Going? s4 are mix and they are still really popular now!!)
      ZLY said in her interviews that she doesn’t take much time to chose her projects and she is just really happy the projects she works on turned out well received. ZLY still has a few years of hard filming years before she begins to be picky about her projects I feel. Me too, I love how she makes me enjoy so many different dramas! I think it is her great acting abilities that make me enjoy watching her so much ^^ Yop, I think she got 3 endorsements so far and I am hoping for more soon.


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