Jerry Yan’s My Best Ex-Boyfriend to Air on 15th August

704_1700222_512309Ready for Jerry Yan’s big project in China? This mega star mainly concentrated his projects in Taiwan for the last decade so I was happily surprised to discover his participation in this drama! Jerry still looks smoking hot, *sigh*, he aged so well. I loved him in Meteor Garden and Hot Shot and sincerely hope this drama will give him more fame in China~!


More information:

  • Number of episodes: 40
  • Cast: Jerry Yan, Jian Jiajun, Jiang Shuying, Wu Zhoxi, Mi Lu
  • Airing date: 15th August, 2015

My Best Ex-Boyfriend tells the story of four friends connected by love and friendship. Many years before, they lost connection with each other, unable to work through the harsh reality of life. Today, the four people met again, during a fashion show and rekindle their pasts.

More stills:

More stills:


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