One Word to Describe Dad Where are you Going 3: Heartwarming!


Ready? Three, two, one… fall in love with these adorable cutie pies! From left to right, they are Kang Kang, Nuoyi (aka Noe), Summer (aka Poppy), Xuan Xuan, and Da Jun. This show is ENG SUB so you guys should give it a chance!

Side note: I decided to not cover this week’s Idol Up because it was not interesting at all… Overall, the girls cooked together, played some games and appreciated the little things of life. I found the games not challenging enough and lacking of interactions. Hehe, they need to spice it up a little by giving them more time to talk, relax, and do group competitions.

Anyway, back to Dad Where are You Going (shorted as BBQNE)!


Let’s start by talking about the dads!


Liu Ye is the dad of Nuo Yi and is a quite popular actor. Even before BBQNE, he is well known (at the end of this year, Liu Ye will star in Paon de nuit with Liu Yifei). He married a French woman and has two kids: Nuoyi (4 yo) and Nina (3 yo). Since the start of BBQNE, he is the daddy who’s popularity skyrocketed the most! Also, he can speak French.


Hu Jun is another popular actor and I remember watching him in Tian Long Ba Bu 2003 with Liu Tao! He is a man man, very direct, generous and nice with everyone. Interesting fact: Hu Jun played with Liu Ye in a movie portraying gay interactions. If you watch this TV show, you will realize they have very awkward conversations and do not look at each other in the eyes :P. His son is Kang Kang (6 yo) and he also has a daughter.


Zhou Shiming is a Olympic winner in Flyweight (retired in 2012 after the Olympics). You guys can go read his Wikipedia page if you wish but boy, he is so impressive! He seems like a very calm and nice person, always here for his son. His son Xuan Xuan is 4 yo.


Lin Yongjian is a veteran actor who received many prizes. Despite not seeing any of his works, his face sure seems familiar! His son Da Jun is also 4 yo and seems like an annoying boy, even if he still loves his dad very deeply.


Christopher Downs is a Canadian entertainer and actor (I sadly never saw anything of him) in China. He graduated from Mcgill University and can speak French, English, and Mandarin. His wife is Phoebe Huang, a Taiwanese actress, and his daughter Poppy is 5 yo.


First, lets talk about Kang Kang. He is the oldest one of the group and really acts like a big brother. Maybe it is because of the though love and bromance with his father, but KK does not like to show his emotions and is a kid of few words. When every kid is trying to talk at the same time, he would just be quiet, sighing by moments. When no one ask him, he would come and help and not brag about what he does. KK has however a very warm heart and during the last episode (ep. 5), he would cry heavily or even scream of anger when he is too caught up by his own emotions. So mature already!


Nuoyi is so warm! As a noona, my heart often melt at his warmness. He would often think about his father and about his emotions. During the ep. 5, I loved how he tried to protect his little sister and comforted Da Jun as he cried. You can really feel his positivism in his daily life by the way he acts and how caring he is (he often goes to the other boys and hug them!). Everyone on Youtube is calling him a future heart breaker! Plus, he looks super cute and has an adorable laugh.13144701_980x1200_850


Poppy is super duper adorable! By the way she acts, you know she considers her daddy as a super hero and loves him very much! Poppy always wear gorgeous princess dresses which makes all the boys (yes, she is the only girl on this show!) fall in love with her XD (especially Xuan Xuan). Despite been a cute princess, Poppy acts more like a big sister around the other kids. When XX cries, she would offer to help him or feed him and comfort the other boys when they have a problem. Also, she never asks for help and  cries silently when there is a problem… :”D I love how shining and nice her personality is.


Xuan Xuan is only four year old and the youngest of the crew. He seems to have a sister disease and would follow Poppy every where, going as far as crying when she is not around. He seems to be VERY attracted by girls since he does the same when Nina comes over. It seems like his parents let him do whatever he wants at home since he is always asking (or even commanding) others to do stuffs for him, crying when they don’t want to. Also, he has no boundaries around girls, which makes his actions a little uncomfortable to watch at time. HOWEVER, he is still a kid so lets all be understanding. I love how his mood swings change every seconds and how care free he is.



Finally, we have Da Jun. He loves making fun at his dad which sometimes hurt his dad’s feelings. However, he still seems to love his daddy very much and often goes back to him. This is a kid who loves to have fun and is not afraid to say what is on his mind. He does not cry at all and seems very responsible, something rare for kids his age!

OMG… I already wrote so much…. >< Let’s wrap up this article soon. Here are some of my favorite moments of this season:


Kang Kang and Poppy selling eggs. They are so cute together and I loved the part where KK held our princess’ hand.

P: You are holding my hand too tight.

KK: When I am nervous, I tend to do that.

How cute is that??


Nuoyi comforting Poppy when she realizes her daddy will be leaving (I know, I know, I am such a shipper)

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The little sister of Nuoyi, Nina, appeared in this episode! She is super cute but almost never talk. She seems to LOVE her brother the most XD


8 thoughts on “One Word to Describe Dad Where are you Going 3: Heartwarming!

  1. Dramafan1234 says:

    I am not trying to be a party pooper, but I’m a little concerned about these kids. I don’t like the fact that these kids are put in front of the camera so early in life. Too much, too soon.


    • archidisign says:

      While they are filming the main show, they are with their dads and other kids so it is not that bad. However, the production team is also doing all kind of documentary at home and bringing them as guests on other variety shows. I am sure the kids are also going to get CF offers soon. That’s way too much media exposure to these kids and may leave an emotianol scar in long term 😦


    • intellectualkitten says:

      From the way they act, I would like to say most of them does not have a prince/princess disease and actually act like cute and sweet little kids. However, I agree with you, too mich media exposure can leave a scar on little kids and I hope that is not what happens in the future 😡


  2. mic says:

    liu ye is so immature lol. & I kept laughing b/c nuo yi would always mix up KK & DJ. Nuo Yi wants to be part of KK’s world but KK’s not here for that lol. I feel most uncomfortable watching xuan xuan, he seems the most spoiled.

    haven’t watched the latest ep yet tho.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Haha, so happy to know you are also watching this! The last episode was super cute but yes, XX is still a spoiled kid (but he is so nice that I don’t mind too much^^)


      • mic says:

        just watched ep 5. omg nuoyi & nina are so cute together. I didn’t like how XX was all up in Nina’s spot when she was clearly uncomfortable but good thing nuo yi and poppy were there.

        I felt so bad for poppy & KK when their ducklings got sick but it was also good to see them be so honest and for the landlady? to praise them too. I hope to see more of Nina


      • intellectualkitten says:

        right??! It was like “keep some distance kiddo!”, but since he is so young, maybe he does not realize that was inappropriate? I wonder if Nina is coming back, she is so cute! And that scene with the duckling was sad… KK cried so hard 😦


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