[Recap] Idol Up Episode 2: Time to move to the Plains!!


ikitten may think that the episode 2 sucked, but I disagree. The girls are way less awkward compared to the first time they all met. This time, there are way more outgoing moments and interactions! Here is a short recap because it is.. hard to do a recap for a variety show? (I know, lame excuse…)

So we continue from last time and the mission is a … cooking competition! As the first theme is airport and planes, here, the 10 femme fatales must cook a delicious plane meal for five judges (all working on planes: pilots, stewardess, etc). In both teams, it seems like each idol is cooking their best meals and bringing it out. Is it the most sincere red team or the joyful red team that won? Well, after a very close call, it is the green team that won. After, everyone goes to eat with the airplanes crew and have a good time (take selfies xD).

26 27 29

Afterward, we are ready to move to the next expedition! This time, we are going to the Plains (Chinese countryside where minority indigeneous live) ! Seems like the production has quiet the budget as this is definitely not a place accessible to everyone. Cute to see all 9 idols welcoming Lin Xinxia so solemnly.

4 8 10 11

As the idols arrive, they must face the same first mission as last time: chose their seat between Ren Qi (Popular) or Qi Ren (Angry) team. Turns out the popular team this time is made of: Xie Na, Brigitte Lin, Gu Li Nazha, Zhao Liying and Ning Ting. NT is of course very surprised. :3


The first official game is … milking cows? YES! Who says you can’t put natural ressources in a variety show? The goal is to first learn which cow is destinated to be yours (through color reperes and a complicated path to deliver the message later) and then to milk it as fast as you can so that you can be the first team to finish accumulating the quota needed to win. Blue team (angry team) wins easily thanks to their captain who turns out to be a great cow milker.

5 6 16 17 18 19 20 25

After this, the group is divided in four and will have to go accomplish small missions to get a misterious gourd. The missions are: 1) Find the meal that doesn’t match the other ones (not actually part of the restaurant’s menu), 2) Clean a room based on model they have 1 min to learn, 3) Find the baby goat and make her drink milk and 4) pick up cow poohs to prepare milk tea (?). Since the missions are easy, everyone are done after a bit.

Finally, everyone comes together for talking, massage and silly moments. They are all happy to come to the plains and enjoy such a great opportunity to have fun. At the end of the episode, they sing and dance with the locals happily!

1 2 3 9 13 28 30

Bonus: Xie Na asking a kiss from Liying… and getting one! :3



4 thoughts on “[Recap] Idol Up Episode 2: Time to move to the Plains!!

  1. topdawg67 says:

    Enjoying it so far, third episode preview looks good. Was kinda hoping to see more Ouyang Na Na this episode since she wasn’t in the first episode, still don’t know much about her personality, guess I’ll have to wait for next week.


    • archidisign says:

      Yop, apparently there are a total of 12 episodes so I guess we still have 10 episodes to find out more about her! I wish they could make teams differently so that the Qi Ren (Angry) team could also get more view times.


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