[Rumor] Ha Ji Won and Chen Bolin, an item? Both Deny


After Zhang Han on weibo declaring his love relationship with Guli Nazha, do we now have Chen Bolin sharing about his love life on instagram?

The Taiwanese actor who concentrated most of his projects in China for the last few years is getting a lot of attention recently for his posts on instagram that coincidentally look very similar to the posts Korean Actress Ha Ji Won shared on her platform.


Chen Bolin got recognization in various TW indie movies before starring in the TW idol drama In Time with You with Ariel Lin. Later, he gets big hits after big hits and starred in projects such as 20 Once Again and The Continent. As for Ha Jiwon, this Korean beauty got famous through dramas like Secret Garden and Empress Ki.

However, don’t worry too much as this rumor was fast shut down! Turns out the two actors are not becoming a couple, but instead labelmates. Indead, in June 2015, Ha Jiwon signed under the same company as Chen Bolin, at The Invincible Plan. Furthermore, today it was announced that the two will star together in their next movie: 致命恋爱 Fatal Love. The company comes to, of course, deny the dating news.


But again, knowing the show business, it is highly possible that all these pictures are not only for movie promotions. What if, in a few day/week/month/year, we learn that indead they are dating? With these instagram pictures, I will not be too surprised if this happens in the near future 😉 Under the same label, they may fall in Fatal Love!


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