[Movie] 美人鱼 Mermaid with Deng Chao and Kris Wu to Be Released in 2016

704_1698972_833361Mermaid 2016 is a secret project on the run for a long time (it started filming in May I believe!) and yet, the paparazzi were unable to grab much from the behind the scenes.Release date: Spring 2016 (during the Chinese New Year)

  • Cast: Deng Chao, Kris Wu (cameo), Lin Yun (woah, this newbie must have a fabulous casting agency), Kitty Zhang, Show Luo (I love this casting)
  • Director: Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer, Journey to the West 2013)
  • It will be released in 3D

This movie has a tremendous budget of 300 millions RMB. The movie tells the story of a rich bioresearcher (played by Deng Chao) who seeks mermaids as his life project. He eventually falls in love with one despite the impossible future of their two races.

This movie first caught my attention when I saw the picture below. I mean, Deng Chao seems to have the best of time on it (aren’t you afraid of Sun Li, lol?)!


The boys minus Show Luo:

704_1698969_200942 86ZX-fxfpcys8261771

I hope there is going to be male mermaids :PP

704_1698970_227212 18gr-fxfpcyp5149904

If we have any male readers on our blog, this is the movie for you! It features a lot of beautiful and fresh actresses (in bikini) XD. Stephen Chow casted thirteen young girls (not actresses) through an audition where he tested their physical and mental abilities. Lol, kind of like Miss China… The casting looks unfamiliar to me but they all gorgeous:86ZX-fxfpcys8261771704_1698969_200942 704_1698968_150974704_1698970_227212


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