[Movie] Honey Enemy 情敌蜜月with Wallace Huo and Kitty Zhang


  • Cast: Wallace Huo, Kitty Zhang, Yufei Shi, Kwone Sang Woo
  • Release date: 28th August, 2015


Xia Xiaoyu (Kitty Zhang) is a senior dating adviser and has high hope for her own marriage. Her compatibility with her current boyfriend Xu Mo (Wallace Huo) is 98% but she soon discovers he has been secretly dating Xu Jingye (Yufei Shi) and plan to marry her. Despite her low compatility with her CEO (3%), she decides to use him as her fake boyfriend (Kwone Sang Woo).

My opinion:

This movie looks gorgeous and has those kind of HK movies vibe. The casting also looks dead handsome (I mean, look at Kitty Zhang and Wallace Huo in this trailer *jaw drops*!). The story may be a little lacking, from what I see from the trailer it seems to reuse the average ex-boyfriend, new boyfriend fiasco, but considering it is a summer movie, we may still be able to pass a good time with it!



Bonus gif 8D :



Character Poster:

Press Conference:

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