Poppy from Dad Where Are We Going Season 3


Is there anyone else watching Dad Where Are We Going Season 3? The kids are super duper cute and the dads are also very caring and nice. I didn’t follow the first few seasons, but thanks to friends’ recommendations, I started. I totally love the only girl of the group, Xia Tian or, as her father likes to call her, Poppy. She is half Canadian and half Chinese (Taiwanese). She is so pretty and cute at the same time. I just love her so much! Here is a post dedicated to her and as you can see, she is like a little princess:

2 3  5 6 7  9


More pictures of the little princess!


Here, you can compare her visuals to top celebrities: 
11 12 13 14 15

Bonus: some pictures of Xuan Xuan (I think he is so cute!! although he does cry a lot…)
17 18 19


5 thoughts on “Poppy from Dad Where Are We Going Season 3

  1. Baby Panda says:

    I’m currently watching Season 3, also my first season of this program! I’m addicted to these kids and their dads. Poppy is beautiful but what’s more important is her kind heart. You can tell her parents have some serious parenting skills.

    I also love Xuan Xuan and Nuo Yi. Xuan Xuan and his dad cracks me up. They are a kind and funny duo. Nuo Yi is a sweet kid who’s also handsome. I shipped Nuo Yi and Poppy as OTP, haha.


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