Tang Yan Casted for Jin Xiu Wei Yang


Tang Yan will be starring as Princess Li Weiyang, the female lead of the next big novel to drama adaptation: Jin Xiu Wei Yang (The Princess Wei Yang). The novel Jin Xiu Wei Yang is written by Jian Qin. It is going to be a palace centered drama. The male leads are not decided yet.

The story:

She is the Third daughter of the Royal Northern country family, but never got the love of her parents. This is because she was born in February, on a day of bad luck. Hence, she lives eight years of misfortune and later is betrayed by the people she loves. One day, the palace was attacked and her whole family is destroyed. Weiyang is the only one to survive. Seems like the gods want to give her a second chance and she takes it. After all, why t being born on a bad luck day means you must be bullied by others? The story is about palace schemes and romance.

We can see how gorgeous Tang Yan is going to look in this new project with these unofficial stills:

1 2 3

Other character stills… by fans!
  9 10 11

Official stills:

704_1708139_432131 704_1708195_355798


6 thoughts on “Tang Yan Casted for Jin Xiu Wei Yang

    • archidisign says:

      This cane be considered Tang Yan’s first palace drama since CP3 and XY Sword were more xianxia and Perfect Couple more comedy. This is kind of exciting!


  1. See says:

    I AM SO EXCITED!!! Haters is gonna hate and idc I don’t want her to take a break. Just like Avarachika said lol Zhao LiYing doesn’t even take a break why complain about Tang Yan? Her acting is really good if you don’t like her then stop watching whatever she star in instead of bringing your negativity here, thank you.


    • Haha, nobody wants their fave to take a break 😉 I want my favorite actresses to relax, but I am always to see that thay are active with their project. I feel you! Tang Yan definitely has what it takes to lead more and more dramas/movies. Also, she is receiving praise for her upcoming fun movie Bounty Hunter with male gods Wallace Chung and Lee Minho! Also, if you want to keep following news for this drama, it is know called Princess Weiyoung and you can find information by following the tag on this blog and our new blog –> more stills and trailer were released!


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