[Movie] Youth Never Returns 既然青春留不住 with Chen Qiao En and Zhang Han


  • Cast: Zhang Han, Chen Qiao En, Jia Shengjiang, Wang Xiaokun
  • (Apart from the main cast, all the additional actors are new idols from variety shows)
  • Release date: Septermber 18th, 2015

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Compare to a lot of idol movies of the past few months, this one only started recently! The plot is very average and I am not expecting a lot from the overused “My First Love on Campus” concept, but at least the main cast looks handsome and have chemistry!

Wang Jinghui (Zhang Han) is a “Hollow Man” and Zhou Hui (Chen Qiao En) is a “Binocular Vegetable Girl”, brief, not the most popular people on campus. Through out a ten years span, the two rekindle their past love story together.

The main cast looks so cute together! Here is a picture of them at a red carpet together:







5 thoughts on “[Movie] Youth Never Returns 既然青春留不住 with Chen Qiao En and Zhang Han

  1. baobao says:

    Looking forward to this.. They look so cute together in the queen of sop, miss them! I hope this one have good story. But, how can Joe looks so young o.O


  2. Rei says:

    Can u help me with the songs when zhang hans meet joe chen after graduating when she had a party with her husband and friends? The same in the last part when some person singing it happyly apart from the cast?


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