[Fast Episode Recap] Idol Up Episode 3


I am not sure if I either like or not the episode of this week. It is not bad per say, but there was one moment that caught me off guard and made me a little bit uncomfortable. I don’t know if you caught that scene too… Anyway, in general, the episode was very enjoyable to watch though ^^

Episode starts off with Team Popular arriving to their horrile tent for the night. It has no protection against mosquitoes, no real bed, no water supply, etc. It is just horrible. Xie Na, Ning Ting and Zhao Liying has a cute moment where they complain about their bad luck, for having such a bad housing. Xie Na jokes that whichever team Ning Ting goes to will have bad luck. Awwnn. Luckily, the Angry team is nice and all 10 female idols end up sharing the same tent for the night.

The next morning, the celebrities have to chose their dress (what they will be wearing for the day) based on the order they woke up. Ning Ting woke up first at 6:00am, but ended taking a dress for man. LOL. They all  eat breakfast together and Ouyang Nana especially eat more (since she is still young!). Apparently, Liying was singing last night while they were sleeping. So cute.

9 10 11 18

The day goes on with various games for the idols including games such as archery, taking a picture with a sheep you captured yourself, game of push/pull, tag with a ball (ok, I don’t know the names, but look at the pictures and you will figure it out ^^).

1 2 3 4 5 6. 6 7 8 12 13 15 16


The last game is played at supper. Using their great acting skills, the two teams must hide who between themselves is eating the bad yogourt. Both team fail to identify the unlucky drinker. xD

What I hated about this episode happened at that moment: I just realize how A LOT of the celebrities idols (especially the ones from the Angry team including their MC) call Zhao Liying ‘Baozi’. ‘Baozi’ means meat bun in Chinese and I know that, sometime, for Chinese people, calling each other fat is normal. However, it still feels like during that moment, it was really awkward and Liying didn’t look very happy to be called like this by everyone (four people at least called her like this…) I mean, as women, shouldn’t the other idols know that this kind of description hurts the other’s feelings? Anyway, good thing is people like Xie Na and He Jiong never call her that way. Did you feel like that scene was a bit weird too or was that just me?

The episode ends with He Jiong announcing who was the most popular celebrity at the Prairies: it is Zhao Liying! Others congratulate her and Liying is very happy, saying that she doesn’t want to leave now. 😛


Episode ends with everyone leaving the prairies and going back toward the city where there is a press conference waiting for them…


9 thoughts on “[Fast Episode Recap] Idol Up Episode 3

  1. Ann says:

    I didn’t really notice the “baozi” scene you mentioned, but I did notice how Liying hardly gets any screentime. Last time, Xiena got a lot of screentime after winning the “goddess” title at the venue (but not ZLY)… overall, only a few idols get most of the screentime i.e. Ada, Ning Jing, Yang Yuying, and esp Xiena. I’d just like to see more of Liying since I only watch for her ;p… I also felt a bit sad when Liying said she feels like she doesn’t feel free to talk so she doesn’t talk much because people misunderstand her. I actually like how straight-forward she is, but makes me sad that people are offended by this. And when she said people only like her for her roles…. 😦


    • archidisign says:

      Liying isn’t really good at variety so I guess it is already nice how they didn’t cut her completely from the show LOL No, but really, she is awkward on variety shows in general, but I feel like she is working extra hard for Idol Up. She definitely gets more air time than some others (considering that she is quiet popular of course I don’t think it is surprising at all).
      Me too! she is really spontaneous when she answers questions during interviews, as if these are her real thoughts. She isn’t just answering what others expect her to say: she says what she feels like. I like her for who she is, and I am sure most of her fans too! I want to hug her 😦


  2. I actually caught this episode! The game of push-pull was actually wrestling! And it wasn’t bad yogurt they drank – that would be terrible! It was bitter gourd juice for Brigitte Lin and vinegar for Ada… Ok, maybe it wasn’t any better haha. I didn’t notice the discomfort of ZLY on getting called Baozi either, I was too focused on figuring out who was Baozi half the time haha.


    • archidisign says:

      Haha… yeah, I really do miss out on the details :’P
      For the baozi thing, I watched the documentary after this episode. Apparently, it is because Zhao Liying has a round face so one of the idol (Baby Zhang) calls her like that. And I guess the others followed? Liying didn’t seem to mind too much in the documentary.. but the girl in me think that whhoever girl calls another girl fat is evil 3:) But let’s hope the cast doesn’t mind this as much as I do 0:)


      • Ann says:

        I think you’re right, archidisign. I just saw an interview with Zhang Danfeng and he was saying how since Zhao Liying gets called fat/baozi (because of her round face), she only eats breakfast and lunch on set. Skips dinner altogether “to lose weight” 😦 I actually think Liying is too skinny!


      • archidisign says:

        Oh really? I didn’t know! Liying should stay confident about who she is instead of dieting. She is perfect the way she is.


  3. Ann says:

    Must be hard though… the camera adds 10 pounds. And people seem to attack her a bit as well. Btw, did you see the pics of Wallace Huo meeting Liying at the airport/picking her up (after she came back from filming Up Idol). Even though he was wearing a mask, the shorts and shoes are definitely his. They weren’t pictured together, but the timing wasn’t coincidental. I thought it was interesting 😛 just thought I’d share. There was pics of them going to the airport together after filming Happy Camp, but these pics are more recent


    • archidisign says:

      Oh my god? I would love to see the two of them date together 😛 OMG, this is so exciting. Please make this happen, cupidon! :3


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