Yang Rong and Hawick Lau casted for 飞刀又见飞刀 Flying Daggers


This casting news is for a new adaptation for the famous book series Xiaoli Feidao Flying Daggers by Gu Long. The production team will start shooting very soon, in the late August. They are aiming for a 30 episodes drama. Hawick Lau will play the character of Li Huai while Yang Rong will play Xue Caiyue, the number one female assosin of Wulin. Both are currently recording a travel variety show with CCTV and will go to the filming set right after. 

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The story is actually quiet complex and as I never watched the previous adaptations, I am really unqualified to give a summary 😛 Good thing is their wiki page is full of information for you to read! Here

Hawick Lau as Li Huai: He is the grandson of Li Xunhuan, the genius master of flying daggers. He is the only son of Li Manqing and Shangguan Jinhong.


Yang Rong as Xue Caiyue: The number one fighter of Wulin, also called Moon Goddess. Apparently, nobody had ever seen her true full capacities in a fight.


Huang Ming as Li Zheng: The half brother of Li Huai.


Gui Gui as Fang Ke Ke, the second female lead. She is a sparkling girl who has a crush on (duh) the male lead.



Kenny Kwan as Long Tu


Daggers 4

Although I heard about the story often when searching for good wuxia dramas to watch, I never actually watched any concrete adaptation. However, I know that Ruby Lin did a great version in 2003 so you may want to check that out before!

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12 thoughts on “Yang Rong and Hawick Lau casted for 飞刀又见飞刀 Flying Daggers

      • Me three! Yang Rong is a fantastic actor! I haven’t seen many of her projects but she is extremely fiery and commands your attention in every role she plays. Hawick Lau is pretty harmless. He may not be an excellent actor but he is not cringeworthy. His good looks also make up for everything else.


      • archidisign says:

        That’s if you are a fan of Hawick Lau’s type of apperance/physical 8D. Personnally, he doesn’t make me feel like I could get attached to his dramas… I don’t know why, but something from him pulls me off. Good thing is Yang Rong is a great actress so I am ready to watch her in anything she does 8D Let’s fangirl together!


      • Ann says:

        Thanks! I was actually so surprised to find out Yang Rong is 34! She looks amazing and such a convincing actress, why isn’t she bigger?


      • archidisign says:

        I believe it is because she is always playing antagonists and antagonist roles can only bring her that much popularity. However, she is starring in a lot of dramas this year as lead so hopefully, she will be able to shine more from now on! She looks really young :3


  1. Ann says:

    That sounds about right – she really does play antagonists well though. I don’t get why directors/producers choose 40-something actors to play teenagers/young adults (*cough*hawick lau*joechen*kevincheng). I wish younger actors who have more charm and are more youthful had a chance to get these lead roles


    • archidisign says:

      Because they have the name power 8D But I agree, it feels like a lot of young actors should get the chance to shine too. The thing with c-entertainment is that, when someone is hot, he gets SO many projects at the same time that there is just no place for something new/fresh. So, even when we get new blood, we can’t really enjoy it that much.


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