[Movie] 三生三世 Three Lives Three World with Liu Yifei and Yang Yang


  • Cast: Liu Yifei (!!!!!) and Yang Yang (!!!)

Movie Three Lives Three World Ten Miles of Blossom Flowers (aye so long!) confirmed Liu Yifei as the female main lead! Yeah! This girl fits the character to the letter so I am extremely happy she got casted! As for the guys, Eddie Peng is potentially booked for the movie.


This story, based on novel of same name by Tangqi Gongzi, has a huge fanbase. It tells the story of Bai Qian Qian, a goddess from the Heavenly World. On her trip to the mortal world, she meets Ye Hua with whom she falls in love. Years later, they meet again but all her memories has been erased.

Movie Three Lives Three World Ten Miles of Blossom Flowers (aye so long!) confirmed Liu Yifei as the female main lead! This girl fits the character to the letter so I am extremely happy she got casted! SHE is the description of ethereal and of wuxia maiden! The votes for who should be the leads of the movie are as below. As you can see, Liu Yifei is the most obvious choice for girls while Hu Ge and Li Yifeng are both popular choices for the male lead:

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However, it seems the Alibaba Group has not been able to cast neither of the two boys. Their final choice of male lead  is either Eddie Peng or Feng Shaofeng and Eddie seems to be the favored choice so far. Eddie Peng and Liu Yifei acted together on Chinese Paladin I so this can be a good second option. However, most people on social media are sulking since they really wanted the Liu Yifei-Hu Ge ship to sail and are mad at Alibaba to create a hype without answering to the demand (especially since they created a poll assured them the first choice would be picked). Who are your favorite choices of main lead? UPDATE: The new male lead has been announced to be Yang Yang! This is a great casting choice since Yang Yang skyrocketed his popularity in the last few months and if the fans where to do the voting again, he would definitely be among the top three choices!

Pictures from the popular c-novel:

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Fanmade poster:



9 thoughts on “[Movie] 三生三世 Three Lives Three World with Liu Yifei and Yang Yang

  1. mic says:

    li yi feng pls. so my ship can sail in a virtual world. I hope it’s not eddie peng lol I just don’t see his appeal or talent… I’m always happy to see my fav cast and then I see the male lead –> oh… (ex: Rain in every freaking movie)


    • intellectualkitten says:

      *High five* I would have so watched this movie if it was HG or LYF! However, both guys are officially off the casting list 😦 And lol, we must have the same tastes because I am also starting to find Rain/Eddie Peng annoying to be in every project I find interesting xD


  2. HJ says:

    I know LYF and HG shippers would love to see them again on screen, but this is a movie. From Alibaba’s perspective, you gotta think business. And HuGe, while he is top-tier on dramas, he has never done well on box office. On the other hand, both Eddie Peng and Feng ShaoFeng have proven their ticket powers. I am excited for this movie too 🙂


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I guess you are right! FSF has done movies with a lot of hyped actresses like Yang Mi and Fan Bingbing, and I think their chemistry would be really good. Eddie Peng is also popular, especially since Fleet of Time ^^


      • HJ says:

        I think FSF has made a great transition over the last few years from being just TV drama actor to movie actor as this is what pretty much every single actor/actress’s ultimate goal is anyway. Since he is Huayi’s 一哥, he does not lack resources. He started making appearances as small roles in big blockbuster films like Painted Skin2. Then he slowly started getting bigger roles like Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon. In this movie, I would say he actually overshadowed Mark Chao. Afterwards, his movie Wolf Totem also did quite well both in box office and among the movie critics. They’re running for Oscars this year as China Representative. In the upcoming year, he also has series of big blockbuster films lined up including Monkey King2 and Three-Body Problem.

        Eddie also made a great transition too. Not just Fleet of Time, but he also starred in a lot of HK action movies such as Cold War and Unbeatable. Among his peers of similar age, I think Eddie stands out a lot due to the fact that he can do actions.

        Liked by 1 person

      • intellectualkitten says:

        I also think those two have really impressive projects. They both choose their projects really well and often works with veterans. I would especially like to say kudos to Eddie Peng… since he starred for very humble projects and built a great career 🙂 I am not a big fan of neither, but it is true they am not only actibg in idol projects


  3. BlueOrchid says:

    I could careless about Three Lives Three World Ten Miles of Peach Blossom movie. I care more about the drama version (which hopefully will be made).


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