Precious Youth 那年青春我们正好 Drops Official Stills


If you guys are like me, then you must be super excited by this new drama! With Zheng Kai publicly announcing his dating status on Weibo, there is no more appropriate time for his next project, Precious Youth

This drama tells the love story of Liu Ting (Liu Shishi), an exemplary student who loves dance and literature, and Xiao Xiaojun (Zheng Kai), a naughty and bad student. The story follow their lives from 1997, when they were only 17 year old, to 2004. AS any other modern dramas, the two must struggles through career swifts and love rivals.

Trailer (The trailer looks really melancholic and makes me think the whole storyline will be word to word Fleet of Time… I do hope I am wrong though, since I don’t want to invest myself for more than thirty episodes of a sad drama)

See our posts about this drama here and here which includes a lot of stills and bts pictures! Some unofficial stills below… The editing looks awesome and I am totally anticipating this high school drama… Liu Shishi needs to come back on the small screen!

The official stills looks so nice! I love the braids in Liu Shishi’s hair as it really suits her soft and young personality but the ones on Zheng Kai looks a little weird… don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe he is rocking it. His hairstyle during the high school era, on the other hand, looks like a real fiasco:

Adding to this, since it is in the same vibe, some extra Liu Shishi picture from one of her latest photoshot this year.

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6 thoughts on “Precious Youth 那年青春我们正好 Drops Official Stills

  1. archidisign says:

    Lol, Liu Shishi’s uniform skirt says she is not playing a nice girl, but a popular one (cause Asian uniforms skirt are usually sooo long!) Anyway, I will be anticipating for this movie because the two leads are gorgeous *_* together


  2. Lizzie says:

    Will watch this for Ryan Zheng! Yet to be blown away by Liu Shi Shi as have yet to watch BBJX (seems too teary for me) and I couldn’t finish both Da Mo Yao(?)(the one with Eddie Peng) and Incisive Great Teacher. She was indignantly good in Yi Zhi Mei though – just thought that she was too similar in the above 2 half finished ones….


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Zheng Kai is not the best actor, but I find him really funny and likable in all his works! And LSS does have a lot of similar roles (especially if you watched any of her movies where she always plays the damsel in distress) but she has good acting skills (if you watch BBJX, YZM, WOH) … hehe, I really like both


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