[Trending] Zheng Shuang Dating Tiger Hu, Zheng Kai Dating, Hu Ge Breaks Up


Hehe, I feel so gossipy for writing this article, but so many dating news came out recently that I thought I may as well update you guys on them! Today is Chinese Valentine’s day and a lot of couples declared their love for each other and to their fans 🙂


Zheng Kai and Chen Xiaoyue

I only learnt about this couple recently but they seems to have been an item for four five months! Zheng Kai officially announced his dating status on Weibo today (August 20th) yet most of his fans already knows XD …Does that mean we will get less Angelababy-Zheng Kai’s love lines in Run Brother? Maybe it is a good idea since Baby is officially married! I digged a little more into Zheng Kai’s love life and there is a lot of tabloids about him (illegitimate child, famous ex-girlfriend, etc)… Chen Xiaoyue, born in 1991, is an ABC girl from Toronto. She actually went to a lot of celebrity parties as there was pictures of her with Tang Yan and Yang Mi.

Zheng Shuang and Tiger Hu (Anson Hu)


Both sides have not commented on these news but it seems quite official, considering the couple visited ZS’s parents and they are seen canoodling in the breaking photos. Since Zhang Han and Guli Nazha’s dating news,  a lot of fans were worried about Zheng Shuang’s feeling. It is nice to know she is not alone during this time of the year! Tiger Hu is a singer and appeared in season 3 of I Am a Singer. Most people are shocked but also happy about this new couple. I personally think guys who sing make great boyfriend material, so I am happy for them… Here is one of his cover performances:

Liu Yifei and Song Seung hoon


Okay, I know we already covered this couple in a whole article recently, but I still want to talk about them! Liu Yifei and Song Seunghoon appeared in Day Day Up together and during one segment, Song Seunghoon was doing fanservice by allowing fans to back hug him. A fan snapped this picture on the set and I just love LYF’s expression xD

Break Up 😦


Hu Ge and Jiang Shuying (Maggie Jiang) Broke Up

On yesterday’s Good Mister‘s official conference, Jiang Shuying clearly declared her love life with Hu Ge officially ended. Both actors are having a lot of projects coming up soon: Hu Ge with Nirvana in Fire, The Disguiser, and Resume while Jiang Shuying has Cities in Love, My Best Ex-Boyfriend, Good Mister, etc. The two past love birds have filmed a drama (旋风十一人 aka Go Goal Fighting) together at the beginning of the year, which is going to be released soon (hopefully). Some netizens are wondering if those two only declared they where dating to promote their drama. I am a little sad for this break up since they looked so cute together and were living together… but at the end of the day, it is their life and I should not be too emotionally attached!



Tang Yan with Luo Jin

As you guys probably know, these two are playing best friends in the drama Diamond Lover and totally has awesome chemistry in it. TY and LJ are also booked in the new hyped drama Princess Weiyoung as main leads. Both sides have declared multiple times they are not dating but I thought I may still add them to the list… hope LJ gets the girl in this new project! They also played Agent X together

Wallace Huo and Zhao Liying


Okay, this may just be my inner Hua Qian Gu fangirling talking, but it seems these two are extremely close even after the filming of the hyped drama and has been spotted together (it may just be friendship though!). Sincerely hope they get another project soon together.


8 thoughts on “[Trending] Zheng Shuang Dating Tiger Hu, Zheng Kai Dating, Hu Ge Breaks Up

  1. mic says:

    :/ I want ZS to be happy but I’m kinda wary of her dating much older men. I feel like that probably shaped her insecurities. lol @ LYF’s face


    • intellectualkitten says:

      X) lyf is a darling~ And I am also worried, since this is a big jump from dating Zhang Han, but as long as they are happy, I am good 😛


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I think Luo Jin may be a little too mature with Dilireba… then again, every couple so far has a big age difference~


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