Entertainment Update: A Chinese Odyssey, Green Hill Legend, Rookie Agent Rouge


Some more entertainment updates that we did not include in the last one because it would be too long!

Movie A Chinese Odyssey 3 released some (unrevealing) posters… of hands. This movie will be a freely adapted version of the famous book Journey to the West and a video game. The special effects and details look on point and I am really looking forward for more stills! Hangeng has been casted to play the role of Monkey King, Tang Yan will play the Zixia fairy (lol, since when the Monkey King has a love interest?). Among the additional cast, there is Gillian Chung, He Jiong, and Hu Jing. Definitely something to look forward to.


Our blog is certainly talking a lot about Gu Li Nazha recenlty! Her other big project Green Hill Fox Legend with Jiang Jinfu released a new teaser video. It is seduction time! The teaser is not overusing CG and I am actually quiet curious how the project will turn out ^^

Just One Smile is Alluring officially started filming! I love Zheng Shuang’s new haircut! Here are the behind the scenes stills:


By the way, it was Zheng Shuang’s birthday today (August 22th), so happy birthday to the beautiful girl ^^

Some awesome fanmade posters of Ice Fantasy featuring Victoria (it is based on Fan Bingbing’s White Hair Witch Movie):

Huang Xiaoming appeared as a cameo in the movie Bride Wars! He plays a groom in the church who gets scared by Ni Ni and Angelababy’s characters’ cat fight. I love how those two (AB and HXM) always guest appear in each other’s movies!


According to Forbes, Fan Bingbing is placing fourth as the woman with the highest salary for 2015! She places just behind Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, and Melissa McCarthy.


Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi (one of my favorite real life C-entertainment couples) attended a press conference on Chinese Valentine Day this week. They are starring in a new drama together (yeah!) called 咱们相爱吧 Let’s Start Our Romance.

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Finally, what kind of Entertainment Update does not include the busiest of all the bees… Zhao Liying? Her drama with Lu Yi, Rookie Agent Rouge, recently released character stills:


16 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: A Chinese Odyssey, Green Hill Legend, Rookie Agent Rouge

  1. topdawg67 says:

    I knew, just knew there was gonna be a ZLY post somewhere here. Knew you couldn’t resist, can’t blame you, she’s currently one of my favourite actors right now.


    • Mia says:

      Yes! Chen Xiao 🙂 def wish he and Zhao Liying would collab again. Rookie Agent Rouge looks great… another drama named after Liying’s character haha


      • Mia says:

        Bride Wars is such a generic remake of the original hollywood film though. Don’t really see another hit from Chen Xiao so far cause his upcoming dramas are modern ones with Zhou Dongyu and Yuan Shan Shan right? And there’s one with Yan Kuan and Zheng Shuang, which probably won’t be a hit either. All look boring compared to everything else thats coming out and these actors don’t bring in the ratings. And, he’s filming a movie with Michelle Chen 😐 He should branch out, do something different, he’s such a good actor. Been so unlucky these past few years 😦 if only Zhao Liying was XLN, Romance of the Condor Heroes mightve been a hit


      • intellectualkitten says:

        When I watched the ROCH of 2014, I felt like the casting of Michelle Chen as XLN is not the sole problem of this drama, so I doubt it would be a hit 😦 … And yeah, I don’t find any of his future projects very attractive (except maybe Yun Zhong Ge!), he should seriously consider doing something like Legend of Luzhen again 8D


  2. Mia says:

    Yeah thats true, they changed too much. Why was he hitting on every girl on ROCH LOL. It sucks that he’s playing a villain in Yun Zhong Ge, he was good in Swordsman as a villain, but playing as an antagonist didn’t really shoot him to fame like playing Gao Zhan did. Maybe the new general drama with Zhao Liying would put him into the spotlight again, but don’t know if his schedule will allow for it since hes shooting with Michelle Chen again. I actually thought he would be great opposite Tang Yan for Princess Weiyoung as he’s great in palace dramas. Chen Xiao still has so many fans though, even if his projects aren’t good. He’s just so good-looking


    • archidisign says:

      So good looking it is impossible. Everyone wanted a Gao Zhan during the Legend of Lu Zhen airing period, at least I did. 😛 I love his performance in Swordsman, but hated his Yang Guo depiction in ROCH. Why, oh god, why was he hitting on all the girls. And knowing that he is filming again with Michelle Chen brings back all the bad memories. Sorry not sorry. I really wish he will work with Zhao Liying again, but it feels like now, they are not on the same page anymore. I am expecting a lot for Bride Wars (didn’t watch it yet since it is not available online yet) and for Yun Zhong Ge. He may play a villain, but I am sure he will get lots of screen time 😛


      • Mia says:

        Why another project with Michelle Chen x.x’ Think youre prob right, Zhao Liying seems to be onto bigger and better things. Chen Xiao has so much potential tho. SPOILER. From the novel, CXs character kills the other male leads, so he lives til the end. I want to ship CX and Zhao Liying, but he looks to be seeing Michelle Chen


      • archidisign says:

        Haha. I am not a fan of MC+CX duo and to be frank, it feels like the two’s interactions during interviews doesn’t make them look like lovers at all. Like, they are more business partners ^^ I also hope for Chen Xiao to get more attention for his acting and projects. He definitely has the talent to go bigger. However, Zhao Liying right now is really at the peek and I doubt any drama like Hua Qian Gu may come for a long time (after all, summer dramas usually get more ratings than the rest of the year dramas).


  3. Mia says:

    Hua Qian Gu has the best, most spot-on casting. Sometimes cdramas really mess up on the casting, ruining the show… but Wallace Huo and Zhao Liying as the leads is perfect. What do you think about Legend of Zu? Will it be as popular? ZLY is one of the only actresses that I love, dont know why but cdramas always use actresses like Zheng Shuang and Gu li Nazha who cant even act… whoevers behind productions should be wiser about casting. I was so looking forward to the remake of Queen In-hyun’s Man. After 6 epi, I couldnt watch anymore. ZS’s acting is just…


    • archidisign says:

      I think so too! I can’t comply about any of the casting choices in HQG. It is really spot on. Furthermore, fans of the novel really really wanted Wallace Huo as the male lead so even novel fans are happy ^^ I think that Legend of Zu is going to be really popular since Nicky Wu, Zhao Liying and William Chan all have a very big fandom. The story is also very developped so fans will definitely be hooked. However, I feel like there is not enough episodes for the drama to actually develop fully (as the original story is very complex from what I understood). I hope they will work on all aspects of the project instead of only focusing on the CG effects. At least we know this will have a happy ending ^^
      Yeah, I feel like I am not a as big fan of these actresses than I am of ZLY. Hence, these days, I am very selective when it comes to chosing a drama to watch hehe


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