Chinese Paladin 5 Releases Character Stills


Chinese Paladin 5 stars Guli Nazha as Tang Yu Rou and Elvis Han as Jiang Yun Fan. After skyrocketing the popularity of Hu Ge, Liu Yifei, Liu Shishi, and Yang Mi, this successful franchise seems like the next hit show on TV 🙂

Guli Nazha (well known by the public for her appearance in Idol Up, her drama Classic of the Mountains, and her dating news with Zhang Han) will be playing Tang Yu Rou. She is part of the Four Great Families and specializes in medicine.


Elvis Han (known by the public for been the next hit actor of Tang Ren and his leading role in Wu Xin The Monster Killer). He will be playing Jiang Yun Fan, an adopted young lad who lived in the mountains. He is optimistic and has a good sense of justice.


Little 小彩旗 , known by the public for her controversial performance at the CCTV Lunar New Year, is playing Xiao Man. She is a little maiden with a bright personality.


The evil Long You will be played by extremely popular Taiwanese actor Joe Chang. As a Devil Master of Mountain Zhu, he is quiet, handsome, and arrogant at the surface, but warm inside.


Other actors include Zheng Wei Wen and He Zhen Hua. The drama will have about 40 episodes.

Character posters:


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