Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng Are Expecting a Baby!


This is one of my favorite A-List couples (same level of adulation as for Faye Wong/Nicholas Tse and Sun Li/Deng Chao). Despite not following their respective career, I am a huge fan of of the works they put out there. Knowing that this happy couple took the next step in their relationship makes me really happy!


The high profile couple was spotted on a casual date together in 2014:


A few months later, in 2015, Wang Feng asked ZZY to marry him on her 36th birthday and she says yes!

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During her promotions for the movie Oh My God with Lay and Chen Xuedong, the lady appears in the conference with a fake pregnancy stomach and is the center of rumors on internet:


On the 24th August, paparazzi spotted Zhang Ziyi in the streets with a slightly round stomach:


The next few days, Zhang Ziyi’s representatives confirmed the actress is indeed pregnant for six months and will give birth in December. The parents of the beautiful lady declared they are over the moon happy for their daughter ~

Today, Wang Feng released a new MV featuring Zhang Ziyi. They also released some behind the scenes pictures of the happy couple interacting:

704_1718256_134328 704_1718255_188235

Happy married life together!


My favorite works of Wang Feng are Beijing Bejing and Spring. He is starring right now on The Voice of China 4:

My favorite works of Zhang Ziyi are House of Flying Daggers and Memoirs of Geisha:


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