Up Idol: Fashion Show!


I have decided to stop recapping Idol Up, but I am still watching it for fun. This week’s episode was a runaway and I personally was blown away by the performance of Zhao Liying and Ada Choi. See for yourself how gorgeous our ten idols look in episode 5.

So, first, the team this week were divided based on their interests. As their arrive to their filming set, the idols must chose a chair to seat on. The chairs were already determinated as easier old fashion or modern fashion chair. The team was divided as follow. In the old fashion team is Zhao Liying, Xie Na, Ning Ting, Ada Choi, and Ouyang Nana. In the modern team isΒ Brigitte Lin,Β Athena Chu, Guli Nazha, Baby Zhang and Yang Yuyin. The two main designers come to their ‘dorm’ to talk and explain their fashion directions. The idols also share they thoughts on which clothing would look the best on them. Ada Choi says she should look good in everything and everyone agrees since she is so slim.

Later, at the fashion show place, the idols are practicing together. He Jing and the other male MC whom I also forget the name of are doing the choreography and making sure the idols know what they will have to do during the runaway.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Now, it is show time!


Xie Na


Ouyang Nana

31 32

Ada Choi


Zhao Liying

12 13 27 35

Ning Ting

7 8

Athena Chu

23 34

Guli Nazha


Baby Zhang


Yang Yuyin

37 38

Brigitte Lin


The Modern Team ends all with a great five people walk. They look so cool! (although I do have to share I think it was Brigitte Lin and her four minions walking, keke)


At the end of the show, the idols come together to share about their excitement over the experience. Although scared, all the idols are happy they went through this great activity. Also, it is revealed at that moment that it was Brigitte Lin who won during this episode as the most popular idol with fashion designers. Everyone congradulates her! ^^

Finally, I will end the post with some fanarts. They are exclusively of the old fashion team. It is not because I am bias I swear, it is just that I didn’t find the modern team fanarts. πŸ˜› sorry… I wish I could see them too though!

11 14 15 16 17 18 19


16 thoughts on “Up Idol: Fashion Show!

  1. What a pity you stopped recapping; I’m watching this religiously too, just not as efficient as you hehe. I haven’t watched episode 5 but I must share that through this show, I found a love for Ada Choi (and Xie Na). They are funny yet classy at the same time! Definitely my highlights from this show.


    • archidisign says:

      Haha, yes. That’s the problem. I follow too much stuffs. My favorites are really in the old fashion team (Xie Na, Ning Ting, Ada Choi, ZLY and OUNN are all my favorites, so seeing them in the same team is like the best treat ever!) I also love the friendship between Ada and Athena, so perfectly cute (they did a lot of movies together apparently).
      I may blog less and less from now on actually since I am starting school in the upcoming week. 😦 That’s why I stopped recapping for a lot of shows. I still have to finish Whirlwind girl though πŸ˜›


      • nzltt says:

        Ada and Athena are best friends. I think I saw they were bridemaids of one of the famous TVB actresses before. I could not believe that Ning Jing is younger than Athena Chu.. Athena is aged well. Brigitte Lin is legend..


      • archidisign says:

        Really? Ning Ting looks older! Not in a bad way, but a little bit more mature I’d say. Athena really aged well and so does Ada Choi. Athena was really pretty when she was younger too. Brigitte Lin is THE goddess for whoever that follows HK movies. I love her too! ^^


  2. Tammy says:

    HAHA I like how you said you wouldn’t do anymore recaps and yet you did a little bit anyways! Thanks for the recaps and photos! I liked this episode for a few reasons.

    #1 The random scenes between ZLY and Na Jie.. ZLY said something about her and Na Jie looking exactly the same and I think it was to make fun of Na Jie. ZLY can’t seem to stop being so blunt. Also, she didn’t think the noodles were great?? hahaha Can someone explain exactly what those two scenes was about? (Sorry, I’m kind of biased. I mostly watch this show for ZLY LOL.. But now i really like Ada and Na Jie. My 3 favorites)

    #2 I laughed my a$$ off when Na Jie imitated everyone during breakfast. Too funny!! Xiao Hua, Nazha, Bridget Lin and Ada’s imitation was the best! Na Jie is really talented in imitating people. I had tears from laughing so hard.

    #3 last but not least, the fashion show! Everyone looked amazing especially Ada, Nazha and ZLY.. I think their walk was more “model like” compared to everyone else. The fashion team had way better make up and wardrobe IMO. I wasn’t sure why Athena cried so much at the end of the fashion show. I notice how slow she was walking. Maybe she didn’t want to risk falling. She seems really skinny and weak.

    Can’t wait till the next episode. BTW, I also watch the documentaries because I have no life! LOL


    • archidisign says:

      Hehe, I couldn’t resist! πŸ˜› No, actually I start school later this week so I still have a little bit of time to do recap and enjoy life ^^ However, when school starts, I think I will go back to my usual boring self with no (online) life. It was too tempting to do a review considering that this week, the pictures were gorgeous!
      1) First scene, ZLY saw gorgeous OUNN and another girl (Ada or Athena or Brigitte, I can’t remember) coming down the stairs and everyone clapping because they looked really pretty. ZLY then said to XN that she is happy XN and her are always wearing the same (implying that it is good that both of them don’t wear too pretty clothing). XN starts been speechless and then says that last time at the conference too, they wore nearly the same dress, even if she took such a hard time chosing the right dress. She says next time, she will wear the crown and Liying replies that she also has one 3:) In the second part, the other MC prepares a delicious breakfast of noodles, to which Zhao Liying says is way too oily. xD
      I also watch for Liying, Ada and Xie Na! :3 They are the best!! No shame :3
      2) Na Jie was so natural! I loved her impersonation of Baby Zhang, Athana Chu (her accent was on point!!) and Ada Choi. She is talented in so many ways. Definitely a born MC/entertainer.
      3) Fashion team being old fashion team right? I think so too! It is crazy beautiful and out of the box. That really made the team look classy. The modern team was more like, average dress in my opinion πŸ˜› I didn’t realize for Athena and actually enjoyed her walking the runaway. She kept a cool face throughout!
      I also have watch the documentaries. I am waiting for the episode about Liying! hehe


  3. Tammy says:

    HAHA! I see! Poor you. I am so glad I am done with school. I’ve been seeing so many “back to school” posts on social media, I think i started dreaming about school again. T__T YIKES! I totally feel you. I don’t think you should cut out being online completely. Life would be too bland/empty!!! You can always cut down on your dramas or respond and post one new post everyday. hihihi. Otherwise, I’m who else am I going to converse/discuss about Up Idol?! : /

    Thanks for the clarification. I figured she the first part except for the crown comment. LOL Li Ying is soooo blunt its hilarious. I don’t care what people say about her, she speaks her mind and that is extremely rare in the entertainment world.. Too many people wear a mask and become pretentious to mainly an angelic image. Even though her comments might offend slightly others, she hasn’t said anything extremely rude.. Yet, I pray that doesn’t happen. hehe It’s all friendly criticisms!

    Yes, I was referring to the old fashion team (black and white theme). Their outfits look more trendy and unique. The other team had cheap looking material and the style looks like something you can order off forever 21 or something. LOL

    PS: I tried to create a blog and write reviews and recaps like you like 2 times before but i suck at keeping up with it. I have an account with blogspot but they totally suck (I cannot seem to edit my website) T__T So i gave up. hahaha How is wordpress? Since you seem to be very good with it, I’m thinking of switching over to wordpress! Thanks a lot for all the help! πŸ˜€ Xie xie ni! ❀


    • archidisign says:

      Rahhh.. But it is either cutting my online chatting time or my real life social time. And I need to talk to people or I will go insane!! 😦 Sorry. I may try to come back from time to time, but really, I think it will be hard for me to stay active on the online platform without my grades suffering. I may get back online during the winter break though :’D hehe. It will be so hard to stop myself from watching Legend of Zu (S) and Yun Zhong Ge, both coming up so soon!
      Yeah, me too! Praying so hard. I think I am more worried for her than she is herself. :’D I am sure she also actually care about the haters, so it would be so horrible if she starts again having bad articles popping out. I love how she speaks out her mind and she should. There is no reason for her to lie about how she feels. I also do that sometimes and realize only later that my words may be interpreted in different ways than I intended at first. It is also good to see people like Xie Na still hangs out with her genuinely even if she is sometimes a little bit blunt.
      Haha, I think it was worst than Forever 21 (since I still buy clothing there and it is way nicer ^^). I think to the general public too, Old fashion team was the most popular one since there were fanarts made for them afterward. :3
      ps; Switch to wordpress rightaway! It is so much easier! I think a lot of c-ent blogs are using wordpress too. You can have a tag cloud, write comment, save drafts, see all your stats. It is so easy to keep track of everything and you can even bring multiple writers on board to write together! You can also share a lot of galleries and pages since there is a big storage. It is a lot of fun!! Definitely try it out!! For me, WordPress > Blogspot. xD


  4. Tammy says:

    LOL, I know what you mean! When I was still in school, i didn’t cut down online time or hung out with people, hence my grades and sleep suffered x_x True drama addict right here.. hihi I too am looking forward to Legend of Zu too! I’m usually not too into Tian Xia series, but it looks promising because Nicky Wu is probably the product, plus, I’ll watch anything with Li Ying.

    You are right! I think her fans are worried about her idol image than her. Aside from Na Xie, no one seems close to her. :/ I pray there’s no negative news about her.. Her popularity is rising tremendously! I see so many photos of Li Ying from the show and some of OYNN. Check this photo out.. HILARIOUS. Its from instagram, some fan photoshopped her bc someone said she looked like a fortune teller. HAHA https://instagram.com/p/6-uB–N90T/?tagged=%E5%81%B6%E5%83%8F%E6%9D%A5%E4%BA%86

    Ahhh, I see! I’ve been missing out all along. I will switch to wordpress right away. Just gotta think of a website name thats available. This process usually takes me days. LOL I’ll add/subscribe you once I create an account! πŸ™‚


    • mia says:

      i think liying seems close with a lot of the idols… zhang hanyun, ouyang nana, xiena, athena, ada, they all post pictures with her on weibo. but yea, also looking forward to legend of zu mostly because of liying


      • archidisign says:

        I feel like Zhao Liying is mostly close with: Xie Na, He Jiong, Ouyang Nana, Ada Choi and… that’s it? I feel like the other ones are actually not that friendly to her (and are trying to use her name to get attentions!)


    • archidisign says:

      Haha. I feel the same way right now, especially considering the immense workload we have now. I have the blog that I cannot resist to check on from time to time and a part time job = I am so busy @_@ Dramaaddiction is a real disease 8D
      I am also excited to watch Liying interact with Nicky and William. I just fear what if the episodes are not uploaded to youtube? 😦 That would be so sad. I will be watching all the promotional interactions though ^^ so it is still worse being excited for.
      Yop. Fans (like me 8D) care a lot too much about her interactions with others xD But still, I just wanna make sure she isn’t being ditched/bullied by the others. πŸ˜› It is good all the fans are paying attention to her in such positive and guffy ways! That picture is perfect!!
      HAHA, good luck with that! Yop, tell me so I can subscribe to you too ^^ I am sure you will enjoy wordpress a lot!


  5. AWW! Work and school sure is tough! Everything will pay off later down this tough road. Get more rest! Sleep is on the back burner for sure! If only there was a cure for drama addicts haha

    I read in Soompi that there are Nicky/Cecilia and William/Charlene fans hating on LY because they think that she is too close to Nicky or William and might be trying to steal the guys from the girls.. These fans are full of imagination i tell you. They’re probably more concerned for their idols than the people in the relationships themselves. LOL LY’s been receiving a lot of attention lately so there’s definitely going to be more haters. Rock on LY.

    I feel bad now bc I’ve only wrote one post ever since I created an account on wordpress. Here is the link to my blog. πŸ˜€



    • archidisign says:

      Haha, if only. I am not sure I would use that cure though 8D Yop, I am trying to change my sleeping habits little by little right now.
      HAha. I think it is impossible Nicky and Liying has any special romantic bound. Nicky and LSS are perfect for each other and they are so lovey dovey. ZLY sees Nicky as a dad too! As for the William/Charlene duo, it may be possible, but not guaranteed. I am sure Liying understands she should not get in the middle of a relationship and I am sure she will only get involved with William if he is single. Plus, it is really not fair to attack the girl on this one. William Chan seems to be veryyy flirty with all his costars and creat great chemistry with everyone. So, fans should be more worried about William’s behaviours πŸ˜›
      xD Awesome! I was not able to follow your blog though… 😦 there was no follow button… weird

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know right? The guys should share the blame as well. These are just rumors and people should not get all riled up over mere rumors! I usually just focus on their works instead. πŸ˜€ Sorry! I still don’t my way around wordpress. Any ideas on how to create a subscribe button?


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