[Movie] Le Paon de Nuit with Liu Yifei and Liu Ye Releases Stills


Liu Yifei looking gorgeous in the picture above (hehe, I hope Seung Hoon oppa is treating our forever maiden well~)

This movie stars Liu Yifei and Liu Ye in a Chinese-French collaboration called Paon de Nuit (aka Night Peacock, if I Didn’t See You). The title of the movie is really funny, since Paon de nuit is also the name of a brown night butterfly in French.

The movie has been filmed by Dai Shijie in Chengdu, China, and France. The release date is at the end of 2015.

For the female lead, we have Elsa (Liu Yifei), an international student studying French Language. She first falls in love with Ma Rong, but ultimately gets in a relationship with Jiam Min.


Jian Min (Liu Ye) is a tattoo artist. He will sculpt the Paon de Nuit on Elsa’s shoulder as a symbol or their relationship.


Leon Lai as Ma Rong, a silk researcher and reputed flute player.


Yu Shaoqun as Ma Lin, an opera student and the son of Ma Rong.


With four lead actors and one leading actresses, I am sure it will become a rectangle love story xD Liu Ye is starring right now in the variey show Dad Where Are You Going and knowing his wife is French and that he has excellent French skills, I am sincerely anticipating what kind of works he will pull out… 🙂

Here are some cute gifs of his offspings:

686c1d13jw1euv6qlhxo0g20b408knpf 699847bajw1euquyaumw2g20b4069x6r

As for Liu Yifei, she looks radiant as always! Here are some of her most recent pictures:

And her BTS:



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