[Recap] Tiny Times 4: Soul’s End


My last article about Tiny Times! I watched the movie this summer and was surprised by how much Guo Jingming changed the story line. Even though it is not very innovative, the whole movie was extremely nostalgic and made me cry at the end. Definitely a good chick flick movie that do justice to its reputation!

Hehe, I am done recapping this movie (well, more like writing a long and precise synopsis since I didn’t add pictures)! I am happy I completed this series and unlike some other views, do not think it was a (complete) waste of time. Sure, this is not a masterpiece… but it was still overall enjoyable! Also, Kai Ko appears as Gu Yuan, which was nice to see :P… A lot of sad and happy moments below:

Gu Li is in her house, doing a mock interview with her half brother about the sudden loss of 400 Millions RMB in their company, Shenggu. Nan Xiang is preparing for her first day at JM with Lin Xiao. Later that night, there is a big fashion event and Chong Guang (also known as Shaun) surprises LX with a kiss. They get caught by the paparazzis and she is laughed the next morning at work.

Gu Yuan’s mom is now the temporary director of JM and is doing the investigations. She gives Gu Li a ultimatum: find the 400M or give away all her Shenggu holds. Otherwise, it is jail time. GY comes to comfort GL (omg, is that Kai Ko???), a ring on his left hand (did they get engaged?)

Among the secret heritage of her dad, there is an old manufacture, an old horse race house, an old cabin, and an old painting drawn her dad. Gu Zhun offers to investigate the places while Neil and Tang Wangru tag along. They do not find anything at all. Meanwhile, Shaun proposes to LX. At JM, NX served as GM’s assistant and soon become a private assistant, just like LX.

We discover Gu Li has cancer. She sees the ex-boyfriend of NX in the hospital who discovers her secret.

The dad of CG, Constantly, disapprove his relationship with LX and fires her. As CG confronts him for that, Mr. C gets hitten on the head as he falls on a table and isunconscious (okay, everyone needs to calm down ><). CG stops talking to LX (such a childish behavior). At the same time, GM discovers Kitty is a private assistant sent by his dad to watch after his behaviors and fires her (awwn no, I liked her!) despite her attachment to him.

GL is too proud to let her friends watch her die and fake sleeping with the ex-bf of NX. Everyone start fighting, calling her an hypocrite. During the fight, Wangru gets her face deformed. Everyone leaves the house and GL is by herself.  GY continues to believe her and even goes to jail in her place (his mom eventually pays for his bail). Meanwhile, LX finds a new job, WR goes back to her family, and NX gets a raise at work at JM.

During Gu Li’s 27th birthday, LX comes back, willing to rekindle their past friendship. They party all night and GL cries. Later that night, she makes an adieu video to all her friends and Gu Yuan. She faints in GY’s arms (he comes back for her birthday at dawn). Meanwhile, NX got promoted to the name of Art Director (loool, how did that happen? I doubt an assistant who is good at serving coffee and papers deserves that title, lool). However, she gives up her title… running to see GL. Actually, everyone runs to the hospital and as NX gives her her blood, everyone is crying.

Gu Li is getting better. GZ and Neil discover gold in the old cabin (the horse in the racing house’s name is “Gold”, the manufacture is producing metallurgy and the painting has a cabin in it… all are hints left by his past dad about this secret legacy) and she becomes rich once again. GY’s mom also accept their married and all the friends are back together. WR’s face is back to normal (thanks to surgery paid by GL) and she falls in love with an athlete at her badminton club. NX goes visit her ex-bf’s grave and finds peace for herself (he was killed by street mobsters). CG officially tells the paparazzi LX is his girlfriend.


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8 thoughts on “[Recap] Tiny Times 4: Soul’s End

  1. archidisign says:

    OMG. I am sorry, but how is this one movie not a BS movie? And there are like four of these, all under Guo Jingming’s hand. This storyline seriously make no sense and will make watchers believe in stupid things like a man means happiness, you get easy money, you get promoted for making coffees, plastic surgery is ok, etc. Gosh. I am not trying to judge people who do those things, but I disagree when a media tries to promote these behaviours. Gosh…


    • intellectualkitten says:

      please…. Some respect to my recap. XD haha joke. But if you are disgusted by this one… be ready for ny recap for the third one (if I get bored enough to write it :’)) And I agree with you… the whole plot is horrible and is more brainwashing than anything. Sadly, it is point on the kind of storyline modern China LOVE. i feel like the whole country is selling the materialist concept where physical is more important than mental… :”)

      Liked by 1 person

      • archidisign says:

        Haha. Bows down to your recap. >.< Haha, I will find you tons of things to do so you won't be borred anymore! Haha, sad sad Modern China. The thing is, this is the obsession of the rich ones. I am sure (at least I hope) that middle class can't be that brain dead ^^


  2. So glad to see your recap here! I recently watched this too and loved it. Cried like a baby too at the end because of all those tiny time feels. I agree with Archidisign that the storyline can indeed be shallow and all but there are many nuances in this movie that makes me amazed. I particularly loved the Last Supper poster which is the first photo of your post (take a look at https://cfensi.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/the-last-supper/ and that is not even all the details!) and also the ending of this film. I think Guo JingMing presented it really smartly.


    In the novel, all the characters except for Lin Xiao and Gong Ming died because of a fire in the apartment. And the movie managed to stay true to the novel while still presenting a ‘happy ending’ for those who didn’t read the novel and don’t know about the supposed ending. Towards the end of the movie, there was this black screen for about 30 seconds where there was the sound of sirens and water sprinklers. It’s supposed to signify the fire that happened in the novel and in the movie, it killed all the characters except for Lin Xiao who went to buy wine. At the end, Lin Xiao wore white and went to the villa to ‘meet her sisters for their annual gathering’. For those who don’t know anything, we would think it’s a happy ending but for those who know about the original ending, it is quite clear from all the hints that it was all part of Lin Xiao’s hallucinations. (Her sisters were all in black, and their speech also gave away some hints).

    Despite all the shallow themes and cat fights which sometimes makes me wonder what am I doing with my life, I loved this series and the characters in it. (Of course, the good looking cast helped A LOT. Haha.) This is ambitious but I’m planning to do recaps for all 4 movies, the drama based on the Tiny Time novel, translations of weibo posts which address key plot points and if possible, the novel itself! Of course, this will only happen after my exams in December xD But I think I like it enough to do this because there’s a severe lack of english information!

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    • intellectualkitten says:

      Thanks for explaining this to me! I do hope you write some recaps for this saga (for the movies or the books!) since I feel like you understood it a lot better and would totally enjoy reading them 8D. I know a lot of fans on Weibo loved Soul’s End, so the movie is definitely not all bad! After reading your comment, I went back to rewatch the ending. The hints of a fire are VERY subtle (at least for me, because I didn’t read the book :’D) but your right… they are there! Do you know why there was a fire? Some people says it was because of Gong Ming… :X Oh, and btw, thanks on the info on the poster! I never really paid attention to it…

      I liked how heartwarming the ending is. It really felt like GJM kept intact the most important part of the Tiny Times Story: their friendship and love that survives through any kind of problem. However, I think the whole movie did not make much sense and he should have spent more time working on the script and story line. TLDR: I liked the movie but the storyline is far from perfect 🙂

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      • Yea, I didn’t realise that there was a fire at first and thought it was a happy ending! I was very puzzled then because I remember watching a variety show where Guo Jingming shared that this will be the end of the Tiny Time series for real since the main characters died. It was only until I read the discussion of the movie online that I realised all the layerings! I’m not sure about why the fire happened, but it is based on a real fire that happened in a Shanghai apartment on 15 November 2010 which caused 58 deaths. According to the novel, the date and place coincides with the actual event.

        There are some viewers sharing the theory that it’s actually Gong Ming/Chongguang that set the fire. It’s all plausible but I don’t think any of them are ‘official’ or confirmed by the author. I think the Gong Ming theory does makes a bit of sense though, and fit in with the entire Tiny Time theme – selfishness, jealousy and unscrupulous in this modern world.

        I must agree towards the ending, the movie is just repetitive in terms of “friends – betray each other & keep secrets – catfight – more drama ensues – friends again”. I actually caught the first two movies because of the hype (and criticism) it generated but somewhere along the line, I fell in love with the characters and want to watch more of them. They are pretty much what saved this movie. And the ending just makes me go “awhhhhh”. (Until I realised they all died…… But even then, it was still heartwarming. If you can read chinese, you could check out http://www.weibo.com/p/2303933862808251998124 where the commentator even added a possible third ending where he felt everyone died) I guess the movie tried too hard to portray the ‘materialistic’ aspect of our world today and lost focus on the (positive) interaction between characters. I love how there was a child version of the leads in the last movie though – it tells us the story of how they became friends.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Interesting! I liked the whole idea of fire based on real life story, but I also feel really bad for Gu Li… she just survived CANCER, got rid of her debts, reunites with her friends and now, she suddenly dies in a fire?

        Totally agree with you! The characters was what made the story; even if they are very generic, they end up been super endearing!


  3. Missy says:

    Wow, after reading what Kate said about the original/ novel ending I went back and watched that 30 second shot – very chilling and sad, definitely gave me goosebumps! A great touch by Guo Jing Ming though!!

    The scene with Wan Ru during the fight was also very scary!

    And to think I initially thought these movies were not very ‘deep’ haha!


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