More BTS for Victoria Song’s My Best Friend’s Wedding


My Best Friend’s Wedding 我最好朋友的婚礼

  • Cast: Victoria Song, Shu Qi, Feng Shaofeng.
  • Setting: Beijing, London, Italy.
  • Release date: February 14th, 2016.

Synopsis: Gu Jia (Shu Qi) discovers her love for her best friend (Fen Shao Feng) only after he announces his engagement to Meng Yi Xuan (Song Qian). Due to this unexpected turn of events, Jia will do everything in her power to destroy the marriage.


OMG, I was so happy yesterday when I saw pictures of Victoria in WEDDING dress on my dashboard. I started been a fan of hers when she appeared on the Korean variety show We Got Married with Nichkhun. Vic-omma is such a housewife material that I believe this role fits her perfectly! Also, the clothes look gorgeous and cozy!! 8D

BTS of Victoria Song in Wedding Dress:

BTS pictures of Feng Shaofeng and Victoria Song getting intimate:

From the press conference with Victoria Song, Shu Qi, and Feng Shaofeng

Sidenote: for all you FSF and NN shippers, a lof of rumors are circulating online about those two getting back together. Indeed, they have been seen at the same hotels and visiting each other regularly… 8D

Another rumor is about Victoria.. She is rumored to be dating Yang Yang. Both sides denied and declare they are only good friends, but their intimate selfies seems to say otherwise …


5 thoughts on “More BTS for Victoria Song’s My Best Friend’s Wedding

  1. Alt says:

    ooh my waifu Vic… She is fucking beautiful.

    About the dating rumors… I heard there is a lot bashing going on toward Victoria. From “oppa fan girls” probably. I wonder what they say. Something about “being unpatriotic”, “stay away form my oppa” and such?


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Vic is perfection! I feel like the hate on Victoria only comes from YY’s fangirls and considering she herself has a lot of fans, I won’t worry too much about it 8D And she is still one of the hottest stars out there. You can check this page on Weibo for more infos, but a lot of people are also supporting them :P.

      I read both are in the same company and has the same manager. They supposedly fall in love during Cocoon Town promotion 😛


  2. HJ says:

    ??? FSF and NiNi?? I know she visited Milan, but she uploaded weibo today kinda denying that they’re getting back together. Saying that she’s traveling all different places right now. At first the getting back together rumour started cuz her staff car went to FSF’s residence. It turns out FSF and NiNi share the same manager lmao, so the manager clarified that same staffs and car are sometimes used. Personally, I don’t think they got back together, but we’ll see hmm lol

    As for Vic and YY, just cuz they have the same manager now, this does not mean they are dating. JiaShiKai was actually one of many brokers who approached Vic and it was SM who chose him as Vic’s China manager. Also, Vic even said during CTR promotion that she does not want “jiedi” relationship lol I know that broke hearts of many different shipper fandoms rofl

    Seriously, YY fandom is crazy. They’ve been targeting Vic so much ever since she got JSK as her manager and try to belittle her so much. I know one ent weibo called out his fandom for their behaviours online, saying that fandom ruins star’s image. Seriously, they like to pick on fights with every single fandom. Not only Vic, but also LiYiFeng, William Chan, TFBOYS, the list goes on. Recently, they got into fight with William Chan fandom regarding YY’s new RIO endorsements. I read they made some inappropriately mocking videos online, so William Chan’s fans complained to official RIO weibo through DM. They described the situation and said lot of people will boycott as long as YY is the model. RIO official weibo eventually made a statement that this will be investigated. Since the contract is already signed, they can’t remove him, but we’ll see about renewal later on.


  3. HJ says:

    And yes, Vic herself has huge army of fans aka “Coriander Army” lol and they ‘re much more mature than YY fandom. Vic’s c-fans try to ignore those young teenager oppa fans and focus only on Vic. I’ve seen LiYiFeng fandom and William Chan fandom sympathizing with Vic fandom on weibo lol it’s like YY fandom is common enemy to every fandom out there :p

    Btw, recently both Vic and YY was made endorsement models for YiDa. And now with new weibo comment function that you can upload pictures, Vic fans been @ and commenting on official YiDa weibo with pictures of literally “boxes” of YiDa gum lol. To show that they support Vic this much. And since YY fans are usually younger girls, they cannot afford as much. So I’ve seen vic fans telling each other to put watermark on their pictures so that “certain fandom” don’t steal their pictures of buying boxes of YiDa gums :p


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