[Movie] Yao Chen and Kris Wu Casted for 西游降魔2


  • Cast: Yao Chen, Kris Wu, Lin Gengxin, Huang Bo, Bao Bei Er
  • Release date: Lunar New Year 2017

This movie, produced by Alibaba Group, will be directed by Stephen Chow. It is said to be released in 3D with a concept similar to Avatar and with a budget of 400M RMB. The title of the movie is unofficially (by me) translated “Vaniquishing Journey to the West”.


The first movie released in 2013 tells the story of Tang Sanzang before his encounter with his disciples as he finds demons in a small village. He then wakes up the Monkey King underneath the rock for five hundreds years. The second movie is said to loosely follow the story line of its prequel. Kris will be playing Tan Sanzang, Yao Chen his love interest and a priest, Lin Gengxin the monkey king, and the (handsome) Wang Duo will play Zhu Bajie (lol). The prequel in 2013 starred Wen Zhang, Shu Qi, Huang Bo and the one before in 2008 starred Zhao Wei and Xu Zheng.

There is a lot of expectations for Kris Wu’s performance as a shaved monk and pictures circulating online proves he will still be very handsome 8D :




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