Tang Yan, Lee Minho and Wallace Chung to Star in Bounty Hunter


  • Cast: Tang Yan, Wallace Chung, Lee Minho
  • Filming will start in September 2015

Tang Yan sure seems to be one lucky and trendy lady! Not only is she getting movie offers right and left, but she is doing them with popular actors Wallace Chung and Lee Minho! I am honestly hyped at the idea of seen Lee Minho, a great and such as important, handsome, actor back to action movies!

Bounty Hunter is a collaboration between Korea and China. This is the second project together of Wallace and Tang Yan (since You’re My Sunshine) and I am wishing them the best of luck into the Movie World, where box office is sadly, all that matters. Lee Minho, on the other hand, already starred in stuffs like City Hunter and Gangnam Blues. The casting offers are freesh from the oven and filming will start next month.

Both boys will play bounty hunters.

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2 thoughts on “Tang Yan, Lee Minho and Wallace Chung to Star in Bounty Hunter

  1. HJ says:

    2015 is indeed TangYan’s year she’s literally everywhere! Since everyone knew this role was either between AB and YangMi, I think it took everyone by surprise that Tang Yan is the final choice. From one of those ent weibos with large followers, it said that the first choice was AB. Then she picked up Wong Kar-Wei’s film, so she declined. Then it went to Yang Mi, but Yang Mi had schedule conflict. I saw some cnetz wondering if by any chance the script is really bad or not lol


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Haha, that would be an interestkng idea xD But Lee Minho alwats choises good projwcts, so it shouldnt be too bad 🙂 And I also thought they set for Yang Mi a lobg time ago so this comes as a surprise to me xD


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