Han Geng Starring in Movie 寻找罗麦 Seek McCartney


Cast: Hangeng, Hu Rujie, Jeremie Elkaim

A new movie with Han Geng as the lead! I am starting to get tired of the same actors picking projects after projects in the movie world. At first, it was fun and exciting, but I realize now I don’t have to watch even 50% of them :’D…

Anyway! This movie called Seek McMartney is very hyped on internet for being the next big Han Geng movie. Considering how this past Super Junior member was close to his MALE members (borderline romantic interests), a lot of international fans are anticipating his performance in this movie where he will be playing a gay couple with Jeremie Elkaim.

Here is the first half of the synopsis by GengBaoNet on Tumblr:

Li Yi (Han Geng) put the ashes of Mc Cartney (JÉRÉMIE ELKAÏM) in his travel bag, he is leaving for France on tonight’s plane. He has two tasks: to look for Mc Cartney’s ex-girlfriend in Paris and visit Mc Cartney’s mother in Provence and bury his ashes in the mountain. He arrived at Paris, looking everywhere for Mc Cartney’s ex-girlfriend. In the dusk, sitting on a cab in traffic, Li is reminded of the car accident that put a fracture between their friendship.

Hangeng will play a gay couple with Jeremie Elkaim.




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