[Story line recap] 旋风少女 Whirlwind Girl Ep. 25-32 [End]


Using this poster because Chen Xiang doesn’t have enough scenes!

Sorry for all the procrastination!! 😦 I really have no excuses. This is the last post about this drama. It was fun and cute and really your classic modern summer drama about teenager romance. Sweet, but lacking a little bit of content. It also has a lot of plot holes, which allowed everything to end so well. Anyway, when you watch a sport drama, you are watching for the kickass action scenes 8D I wrote a shorter recap with some details missing because there are jus too many episodes to cover! However, although, this was supposed of episode 32, it is actually not the end end. This is only the end of season 1! :O What a bit shock right?

Update: Also, just to point out for the lovers of Chen Xiang! It is announced on September 3rd in China that Chen Xiang is dating Rachel Mo. The two actors had starred together in the drama Return of the Condor Heroes as supporting cast! Congradulations!

  • Hu Bingqing as Wei BaiCao (BC)
  • Yang Yang as Ruo Bai (RB)
  • Wu Lei as Hu Yi Feng (YF)
  • Chen Xiang as Feng Ting Hao (FTH)
  • Bai Jing Ting as Yu Chu Yuan (YCY)
  • Zhao Yuan Nuan as Feng Ting Yi (FTY)
  • Vincent Jiao as Qu Xiao Nan (QXN)
  • other nicknames:
  • SCL: Super Coach Lady
  • BFF: The best friend of BC, Xiao Ying

Episode 25

YF wins his game, but their team is still in disadvantage since they lost too much before. BC comes back to give the medications to RB, but RB is mad at her because she was nearly late. BC and the small Korean girl battle out. BC fake her performance at first, then wins against a panicking opponent (she copies her moves to make her panick). Meanwhile, Qu Xiao Nan is brought to Korea thanks to FTH so they could check what really happen in the past about the cheating scandal. RB goes for his match. Because he is ill, people are really afraid for him. BC says that she’d rather stop Taekwondo forever if it can stop BC from going through the match (or seeing him get hurt like this). BC cries saying that RB is as important to her as her master QXN is. RB wins the match, but doesn’t want the help of BC. He faints on the spot and is in the hospital. BC goes to see him.

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Episode 26

YCY comes to see RB and asks him if he loves BC and that’s why he worked so hard during his match. RB says he worked hard not because he likes BC, but because he is annoyed by her. He is annoyed she can so easily give up on taekwondo, the same way YCY was able to before. BC wants to go see him, but RB is still mad at her. Later, YCY and BC goes to pray. YCY pray for BC’s well being and BC for RB’s. YF is taking care of RB at the dorm. Xiao Ying/BFF comes to help, but causes a mess, nearly hitting YF and RB to leave. YF accompanies BFF out and sees BC waiting outside. He brings her back up and BC takes care of RB. RB, when he wakes up, sees her and is still mad. BC says she is sorry, but RB doesn’t forgive easily. He asks her why she is practicing taekwondo. BC leaves to think about it and later replies. It is because she wants to protect the people she loves (such as RB) and because she loves the sport. Later, BC meets the small little Korean girl who is still mad she lost against BC. She says her senpai En Xiu (another Korean pro taekwondo practicer) will battle against BC. BC accepts the challenge. On the day, she realizes that En Xiu is the girl who came out of YCY’s room before. Dun dun dun Dun!

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Episode 27

The two girls have an amical competition where EX asks BC to show her her triple kicks. BC does so and EX easily defeat the triple kick. They become friend which makes the small Korean girl mad. She accepts to apologize for saying out loud QXN cheated during the competition, but still thinks she is right. At that moment, FTH and QXN arrive. QXN accept that he cheated in the past and says he is sorry (he however doesn’t remember cheating). BC however doesn’t accept it easily and says she will find proofs of his innocence. She and the other girls start looking into Korean newspapers to see proofs from the past. QXN’s daughter also search even if she keeps saying she doesn’t believe in the innocence of her dad xD. Finally, thanks to FTH’s connections, the group was successful at getting a lot of documents from the past (all videos). The team starts looking at them like crazy to find any proof. When RB finally gets out of his bed (got better), he sees everyone working hard. He puts a cover on BC’s sleeping shoulders and brings a box of videos to check himself. YF sees him work so hard for BC and asks him why he doesn’t want to tell BC he cares for her. RB works really hard and finally find proofs of QXN’s innocence. Apparently, at that event, QXN won against his opponent. Then, someone putted something in his drink while he was sleeping. He hence had the ‘cheating blood’ when he was tested later. Little Korean girl is still not satisfied and says that there should be more proofs aka the guy who did this confirm he indeed put the pills in the drink. Everyone restarts looking around including RB who goes out in the street to find proofs. RB nearly faint in the street.

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Episode 28

RB even if he is sick, keeps searching around and, by all the luck in the world, do find the key man behind the cheating scandal 12 years ago. However, hearing the reason of RB’s visit, the dude starts running like crazy to escape him. RB, still sick, chases after him. Due to the unlucky events, the dude nearly falls from a super high building and RB saves him by bringing him back up. He then reveals that indeed he causes the whole scandal 12 years ago, but doesn’t want to go back to reveal the truth. RB says he is doing this for a girl he cares a lot about. The dude then empathizes for hima and accepts to go back to the competition place with hime. FTH hears all that.

At the gym/dojo, BC is going against little Korean girl again. She first loses a lot of points because she is unfocused and feels like something bad is happening elsewhere (the chase between RB and the dude). However, when she gets a call from RB and hers his voice, BC changes back to her usual self and beats the Korean girl. Korean girl improved a lot, but still lost to the triple kick (even if she practiced with EX before). Korean Girl reminds her about the cheating scandal in a moment of jealousy. At that moment, RB and cheating dude arrives. They tell the truth to everyone and says sorry to QXN.

2 1 3 4 5 22 90

Episode 29

BC thinks it is YCY who found the dude from last episode and thanks him for giving back her master’s innocence. BFF seeing this goes to YCY and tells him that BC actually like him. BC and YCY becomes a couple. FTH seeing this and knowing the truth goes to talk to BC. He tells her he will forget chasing after her since there is someone who loves her a lot. FTH says BC is the first girl he loved. He doesn’t tell her it is RB since RB doesn’t want to let BC know. YCY sees that RB got more sick and RB forbbade him from telling this information to anyone else. Qu Xiao Nan gets his name as master of Taekwondo back as well as the prize he won twelve years ago. He and his daughter also become good together too. SCL also goes to her sister’s aka QXN’s wife tomb to announce the good news to her. QXN has to go back to China know since his dojo is in ruins and he is back in charge. BC wins in the women categories and dedicate her prize to RB.

BFF wants to have another opportunity to confess to RB, but fails again. She goes crying and YF goes after her. He tells her that RB will probably not lover her back. At the dojo, BC sees Enxiu coming out of YCY’s room and she starts asking herself questions. BC gets jealous and runs away. At the end of the episode, YCY and BC talk together about this whole situation.

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Episode 30

Actually, it turns out that YCY and Enxiu are siblings. DUn dun dun dun! Yes, when YCY’s mother and father were teammates from the same dojo. They felt in love and the mother got pregnant with YCY. However, they broke up while they were in Korea because of YCY’s father’s ambition. He doesn’t know he has a son. He later marries Enxiu’s mother, the daughter of a great Korean Taekwondo teaching school. It is only later with Enxiu sees YCY on Taekwondo shows and realize that he must be her son. Enxiu wants them to meet, but she is scared to see her father leave to China with YCY. YCY gave up on taekwondo because he doesn’t want to follow the path of his father and make his mother sad. Hearing all that, BC is less motivated to meet YCY’s father. However, she still goes as it is the prize for winning the competition (getting taekwondo tips from the great master). When she goes, she perform at a medium level. Seeing this, RB goes inside to ask what happened during the practice period. Turns out that the father/great master thinks she is really talented and would love to teach her more. RB, being his smart self, sees immediately the similarities between him and YCY. He understands finally why YCY gave up on taekwondo. RB goes apologize to YCY and become friends again. Later, YCY and the father meet finally. Turns out the father suspected his existence. He asks him if his mother is doing well. He says he is sorry and if it wasn’t for his selfishness/ambition back then, there wouldn’t have been so many problems. He offers his old uniform to him and recommend him to live for himself, without any regrets.

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Episode 31

YCY starts again to practice taekwondo, which makes both BC and RB very happy. BC and YCY goes on a date at an amusement park, but RB can’t come since he has to practice ink writing. BC wants to buy a gift for RB and YCY wants to buy a new hair accessory for BC. BC says no since she has the strawberry pin. Misunderstanding time. They hug on the Ferris wheel though at the end of the date.

Back in China, SCL wants to nominate FTY as the female champion for the upcoming international competition. Of course, BFF, RB and BC come up to call the unfairness and say that it was decided before that BC would be allowed to compete with FTY before and determine the participant more fairly. On the other hand, RB is getting more and more sick and must go into surgery. However, he doesn’t want to and wants to stay by BC’s side to help her and encourage her instead. Afterward, he goes to see SCL and says that if BC can compete with FTY before the nomination, then he will accept abandoning being a taekwondo practicer and become a coach instead. Hearing that, BC says she will not let him. FTH tells the truth. It is finally revealed that it was actually RB who did so much for BC all those years, including finding the cheating dude in Korea for her, while he was sick. FTH tells the truth. BC and RB gets into a fight again. FTH organizes a party and everyone must wear fancy clothing. BC drinks a lot and takes YCY as RB. They fight a little bit about whether or not to go see RB. FTY comes by and sees everything. She takes BC as a sly fox and defy her for another ultimate battle.

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Episode 32

FTH tells the truth about everything to YCY. Hearing what RB did for BC, YCY agrees that even if he is a nice guy, he would not be able to do as much as RB without expecting anything. However, if he still has a chance to date BC, he won’t abandon. On the other hand, BC is still sad over her fight with RB and doesn’t want to compete with FTY. She thinks herself as a troublemaker and doesn’t want to cause more problems. RB talks her into a more fighting spirit, saying he really believe in her. He doesn’t push her because he likes her, but because he can see BC’s talent. They practice together even if RB is still sick. During the fighting of BC and FTY, RB faints outside of the gym. YCY and FTH go to the hospital with him while as BC keeps fighting, unknowing what was happening to RB at the same time.

1 2 10 11 27 28 (2) 28 29

End of season 1

40 41 42 83 107 108 109

WHAT A WEIRD ENDING. Why a cliffhanger? I really didn’t know it was a two season series so I was quiet shocked. Oh well… I am not sure I am attached enough to the characters to see them again for a second edition. 😛

11 thoughts on “[Story line recap] 旋风少女 Whirlwind Girl Ep. 25-32 [End]

  1. Missy says:

    I am definitely hooked! So hope to see the original cast again in season 2 but that’s like a year away so won’t get my hopes up! Thanks for the recap 🙂


  2. Jo says:

    Woohoo, congrats on recapping the whole series! And yay for the Chen Xiang poster~

    I can’t believe we have to wait until next year for season 2!!! D: I didn’t even know there was going to be a season 2 until I saw that the last two episodes were titled “Finale of Season 1” or something like that. *sigh*


    • archidisign says:

      xD Thanks! I realize recapping is actually hard to do, especially when it is a long term commitment :’D Me neither! I was so shocked when I saw the trailer for the second part :O
      To be frank, I feel like they could have totally finished the storyline in one season. Except who she will end up with (we all know it is Ruobai), there aren’t any plotline to solve!


  3. Mahlimi says:

    my Favor Actor’s is Yang Yang & Chen xiang But in the part 2 no Yang Yang I’m so disappointed even if he sick atlest He shut come back in the And Because Baicau still with for him.
    And one more thing why they chang the Baicau so Annoying 😓😓


  4. Suhani bharti says:

    I loved this program. Chen xiang and yang yang both are amazing and hu Bing quing is awesome. Really I want to see again yang yang in this


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