Run Brother Spotted Filming with New Member Luhan


Don’t you just love Wang Woolam’s facial expressions? Run Brother is finally back and they are bringing a new face with them: Asia superstar Luhan!!

Yesterday, pictures of the Run Brother family running (bad pun, sorry) happily in Xin Xia clothing where released on Weibo. On these pictures, everyone seems to be smiling and paying extra attention to their new cast member: Luhan. SO SO SO HAPPY to know my favorite Chinese variety show is coming back on TV soon! I used to be a big fan of Luhan back in his kpop days. The boy is completely charming, has excellent athletics skills, is always diligent, but lack some variety skills. From the pictures, Luhan still seems a little awkward, so I hope he can change that image for himself and fit into the Run Brother world.

There were a lot of rumors that Angelababy was going to leave this season. Indeed, she got married to Huang Xiaoming and rumors has it she is pregnant.

With the start of a new season means a new group of guests will come on set! Some potential names for this season are: Sun Li, Yang Mi, Li Yifeng, William Chan, etc.

Behind the scenes pictures:


Love Deng Chao’s facial expression… and how far he is hopping from everyone else XD

 tumblr_nrq5qh65pv1tnzn5zo1_540 8282d007jw1evusur0dzaj20c807dq3p 63b09f89jw1evutatj5tkj20c80idjsm69cd15b9jw1evvz4gx6sfj210e69rkjm

Additional pictures:

In other news, Luhan has recently been spotted practicing for his own solo comeback! He would be holding concerts, releasing MVs and attending promotional activities through out China:

704_1721416_288594 704_1721413_837745


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