[Movie] Du Lala 2 with Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou, Chen Bolin, and Nana


Hey guys! Long time no see! Like Archidisign, I am going through some changes in my life which prevents me from regularly checking c-entertainment news. I will start to write less, but I the articles will be coming regularly, don’t worry 🙂 Otherwise, I am super excited for this movie project: Ariel Lin looks stunning in office clothes!

Movie Du LaLa 2 is finally releasing promotion stills! I am a big fan of the Du Lala’s Promotion Story franchise, and more particularly, the drama version starring Wang Luodan. As for the movie version, I did not watch it but knows it was a huge box-office success and starred Jinglei Xu. For the sequel, they casted fresh and powerful actors: Ariel Lin as Du Lala, Vic Zhou as Director Wang, while Bolin Chen and Na Na (from After School) will be completing the love rectangle x)…

The first movie told the story of Du Lala, a young office worker and push over. When she discovers her long term boyfriend is cheating on her and plans to marry her best friend, she decides it is time for chances. Lala gets a job at a big company and slowly grows in rankings with the help of Director Wang, who also serves as her love interest.

Character posters:

poster_3 poster_3 poster_3 poster_3


704_1725508_540190 704_1725505_844150123



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