Tang Yan and Han Geng attends A Chinese Odyssey’s Press Conference


  • Cast: Tang Yan, Hang Geng
  • Release date: 2016

I am extremely happy to know Tang Yan will be back to Chinese Fantasy Xin Xia projects, because she rocked the Xin Xia fashion style in Chinese Paladin 3! The project will be directed by mega star Stephen Chow and stars idol turned actor Han Geng and television queen Tang Yan.

Movie A Chinese Odyssey 3 released some (unrevealing) posters… of hands. This movie will be a freely adapted version of the famous book Journey to the West and a video game. The special effects and details look on point and I am really looking forward for more stills! Hangeng has been casted to play the role of Monkey King, Tang Yan will play the Zixia princess (lol, since when the Monkey King has a love interest?). Among the additional cast, there is Gillian Chung, He Jiong, and Hu Jing. Definitely something to look forward to.


Pictures from the press conference:


4 thoughts on “Tang Yan and Han Geng attends A Chinese Odyssey’s Press Conference

  1. natalie says:

    Shes getting so much hate on weibo for this role though (her modern dramas are definitely a main hate point) and comparing with Athena Chu. I’m excited though because this is going to remind me of Zi Xuan (she has a thing for purple lol).


    • intellectualkitten says:

      *wink wink*… we are both thinking about Chinese Paladin 3 right? 8D I think hate is normal since the prequel was such a huge success and personally, I am not expecting a lot from this movie… considering it is made of idol actors. I think Tang Yan has more support than hate and sincerely her acting can prove those people wrong!


      • natalie says:

        WHITE TOFU and ZI XUAN shipper forever! I am an obsessive shipper and literally stalk weibo to see if this ship will sail. I have found evidence that Tang Yan probably had a crush on him-
        1. she used to post super sweet bday wishes for him from 2009-12 (she didn’t do it for YM or HG until a bit later but she did it almost religiously for him then).
        2. Hu Ge & Tang Yan did an interview in 2009 (probs promotional event for CP3) and it was them two basically chatting to each other but in front of the camera. Hu Ge said that TY told him she hadn’t gotten out of the role of ZX so he deduced that Wallace has a special place in her heart and that he thought she had moved quite far from that role. So he said that she probably acts like that when Wallace is around. Later she was saying how HG kept making her laugh on set and he interrupted her saying “Don’t put your longing for Wallace on me!” and HG continues to tease her saying she’s stuttering and blushing (which she is).

        The fact that HG himself has implied that TY liked/likes Wallace is credible since when she was dating Roy Chiu, he also implied they were together (then).

        When TY and Wallace were asked (during Perfect Couple promotion) if there was a chance of being together in real life, they both mirrored each other’s action and looked at each other but laughed it off saying its embarassing/awkward.

        But I’m probably as deluded as the ZLY and Wallace shippers so I’ll stop. Just realised this post has nothing to do with TY’s project lol.

        BTW Wallace and TY will be in Hangzhou on the 19th (for respective events there) so I wonder if they’ll meet up???


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Woah! You must be a real shipper 8D… It was really interesting to read your comment since I learnt a lot of juicy information ^^… And don’t worry, this post is about TY and you’re welcomed to write more about them ^^… I don’t ship WH+TY myself (please don’t me, but I think she looks cute with Li Yifeng), but they were both memorable in CP3 as a fated couple.


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