Yun Zhong Ge Anticipation Post


Yun Zhong Ge is one of those dramas that I really am excited to watch. It has a great casting that comprises of Angelababy, Chen Xiao, Du Chun, Yang Rong, Lu Yi, and Su Qing. This drama is produced by Yu Zheng, so it may be really good (Swordsman, Legend of Lu Zhen) or really bad (Beauties of the Emperor, Return of the Condor Heroes). The drama was filmed in 2014 and now we will finally see it airing. It is also the last part of the Tong Hua franchise, the first two works being Bu Bu Jing Xin and Ballad in the Desert. All the novel fans must be excited to see the third and final series finally coming out, even if it is signed by the infamous Yumama. Yun Zhong Ge or Sounds in the Cloud is going to air after Hua Qian Gu, hence on September 15th, 2015.

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ps; I am also anticipating for Zhao Liying’s cameo scenes with Lu Yi! Make some place for Rouge couple! ^^

ps2; sorry for the overload of pictures!


6 thoughts on “Yun Zhong Ge Anticipation Post

    • Ann says:

      archidisign, glad to see you post! Have you (or anyone here) seen the first episodes of Yun Zhong Ge. If so, how was it! I’d like to know before I decide whether to try watching it. Angelababy and Yang Rong look so good in the stills. And I also can’t wait for Zhao Li Ying’s cameo in this 🙂 how does she look this good in burlap?!! Hope she has better outfits in this + is at least in 1 full episode. If anyone sees which epi she’s on, post it! I’ll be checking to see 🙂


      • archidisign says:

        I just watched the first two and so far, one and half episodes were focus on the backstory (the kids version of the OTP). It is cute, but I felt there were a bit of useless CG elements. The casting for the parents (the main leads in Ballad of the Desert) was well done although of course, they are not Liu ShiShi and Eddie Peng (Yumama AGAIN did not succeed to cast LSS as a cameo I guess). The brother of Yun Ge looked like a serious loser, especially with that costume.
        By the end of the second episode, mostly only Angelababy, Chen Xiao and another actress appreared on the screen. I actually enjoyed Angelababy’s acting and Chen Xiao looks dreamy as always. However, I am not a fan of the costumes so far. We will have to wait to see the other characters now!


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