Entertainment Update: Ghouls: The Lost Legend, When He Comes, Ex-Files, Green Hill Fox


New Entertainment Update! We will do more and more of those since I am having difficulties writing full articles…. and they are so much fun to write 😛 Don’t worry though as I will keep them full of information for you guys!

The Last Tomb, movie version, has officially announced its casting! The main characters will be portrayed by Luhan and Jing Boran while the secondary roles are taken on by less well known faces: Wang Jingchun and Ma Sichun. Filming will start in October.


New casting for Victoria and Feng Shaofeng‘s drama Ice Fantasy. I am not familiar with neither of the two actresses: Xu Jiao and Kim Hee Sun.

Rookie Agent Rouge released more stills for Zhao Liying. She looks adorable in those republican clothings (haha, does spies always have such a good fashion sense?)

It seems we never write an entertainment update without talking about Legend of S! This drama (that I am sure everyone is familiar with) stars Zhao Liying, Nicky Wu, and William Chan. The cast held a press conference on September 10th and looks super cute together. Here is the trailer released below:


Here are also some pictures of Zhao Liying filming her ‘cosplay’ sponsorship (video games)!

Close your Eyes and He Comes (also known as Love Me if You Dare) released a trailer! This drama stars Wallace Huo, Sandra Ma, and Edward Zhang and we have more stills for it in this article. Produced by Sohu, this drama tells the story of a psychologist (Wallace Huo) and his assistant (Ma Sichun). It is supposed to be Chinese version of eccentric Sherlock Holmes, but those romantic stills makes me doubt it will be the same…


Legend of Green Hill Fox starring Guli Nazha and Jiang Jingfu released a trailer. Not a lot are said in the video below, but JJF looks out of this world as a fox spirit! It sincerely looks awesome and I can’t wait for this drama to be released:

Theme song for Go Goal Fighting of Hu Ge below:

Finally, here are some pictures of Hu Ge for his sponsored new video games. Yeah! He looks real good in these pictures ^^

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8 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Ghouls: The Lost Legend, When He Comes, Ex-Files, Green Hill Fox

  1. natalie says:

    interested in when He comes (WALLACE!!) and ZLY’s rookie spy drama. I swear she gets such good scripts/characters unlike TY 😦 Hu Ge’s football drama looks strange but his goatee makes him look so hot! Bet it’s going to be awkward during promo though because of his breakup with his co-star. Btw also looking forward to TY filming the palace suspence drama (based on a book) and I heard her character is badass after a lot of crap happens to her. Hopefully it will improve her current public image and let them know TY can act!


    • archidisign says:

      Yeah. And I think Hunan picked the projects a while back to broadcast and I know Hunan always use a lot of variety shows to promote their projects. Awkward moments are coming!
      TY has a bad public image right now? Sorry, I don’t really follow her news that much to know about the netizens hates.. (except that she may be in a bad blood relationship with Yang Mi) 😦 I thought she was considered by all to be THE ratings gatherer in Cdramaland. But yeah, she will definitely need to vary her characters a little bit. Hope the Palace one will be one that will showcase her acting talents ^^


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Tang Yan’s public image already improved with her good acting in Diamond Lover and she is taking more and more movie projects, which makes her a serious actress 😀 Me too, I am excited by When He Comes.


      • natalie says:

        Are you being sarcastic? Lol Diamond Lover made a lot of hate her on weibo- all the hot topics concerning her were all insults saying she has bad acting, her roles are only “silly white sugar”, etc… Diamond Lover’s ending was also wtf and a lot of Rain fans were pissed off as well. A lot of people (including me) couldn’t stand her role but it’s not her fault, it’s the scriptwriters! But people are reacting negatively to all her upcoming projects and think she’s going to ruin them. Plus people are sick of her on tv all the time (it’s not her fault they all broadcast in 2015) and a lot of people are comparing her to ZLY and bashing TY.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        I am not sarcastic… but from your reaction, I guess I have said some things wrong…. sorry about that! I only followed Diamond Lover for the first half of episodes and from what I saw on Weibo, it got some pretty good reviews and Tang Yan was praised for her acting. It is true that the second half got a lot less views and it is possible it went downhill, so you are probably right to say it got hate, especially right now. However, TY has so many fans that I doubt there is only hates on her subject! Finally, don’t forget her other dramas in 2015 (Legend of Fragrance, My Sunshine) all got good ratings 🙂


  2. HJ says:

    Xu Jiao and KHS casted for Ice Fantasy! Xu Jiao is the young boy in Stephen Chow’s film CJ7. She dressed up as a boy in that movie. So when it was revealed that the son is actually a girl, it surprised everyone naturally :p KHS is a famous Korean veteran actress. I remember seeing her everywhere when growing up back in Korea; she was huuuuuge back in the 90’s. She’s good friends with Jackie Chan and starred in few Chinese movies, but this will be her first time appearing in C-drama. I heard she’s quite known to people who watched her old dramas.

    FSF started filming few days ago and MTY is starting today. Victoria’s fan asked the production on weibo when would Vic start filming, and they replied “end of the month.” SM said f(x) is coming back in early Oct,,,, so I am assuming Vic will be flying back and forth between Korea and China to handle both f(x) music activities and Ice Fantasy. I’m just worried about her health,,,, as she’s been so busy since last year. I hope she stays strong T . T


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yep!! I feel like there is a lot more Korean actors/actresses coming to Mainland Entertainment world… not that I am complaining! Super excited for Ice Fantasy now 😛 I didn’t watch anything with KHS, but she seems to have an impressive resume. As for Victoria, I hope she takes care of herself. There have been rumors that f(x) will have their last comeback this year and even if I want it to be legendary, I hope Vic is not going to overwork herself 😦


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