Entertainment Update: Luhan, Victoria, Crouching Tiger, Hua Qian Gu 2


Hey people! I am back with another Entertainment Update. It repeats some of the news Archidisign wrote in her article (since we forgot to verify what was already covered), but I hope it will still bring new information for you guys! ^^ Sidenote: Luhan released an awesome MV!

More character posters for the cast of The Legend of Flying Daggers which includes: Hawick Lau, Yang Rong, Huang Ming, Gui Gui, Kenny Kwan, and Yuan Bingyan.

New trailer for The Witness with English Subtitles because Luhan’s fans are awesome. Yang Mi looks really serious and sad in this movie while Luhan looks very innocent and cheerful. Release date on 30th, October.

Talking about Luhan, he just released his own MV (haha, I hope SM is not going to take it down from Youtube this time) called Reloaded I on the 16th September, 2015.

Opinion: Luhan looks so good in this MV! The lyrics are very repetitive so I don’t think I can listen to it for hours, but I can definitely look at the MV dozens of time without getting tired. This MV is just as good as the ones he released with EXO so I hope it will prove wrong to those Knetizens declaring Luhan lost all his idol features by going to China.

The Great Odyssey featuring Tang Yan and Han Geng released a weibo selfie, looking adorable together 8D


New pictures of Victoria‘s, f(x), photo shoot is literally taking my breathe away… So beautiful:

News of a sequel for international sensation movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; The Green Legend. It will be released in February 2016 and stars Michelle Yeoh.

Trailer for Hua Qian Gu 2: the modern version starring Ma Ke!! It looks extremely silly and funny 😛

Talking about Ma Ke, he landed himself a new drama (even though he will be playing a secondary character)! So Young is the drama version of Zhao Wei’s personally directed Movie in 2013 and will star Yang Le, Zhang Dan Feng, and Ma Ke.


11 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Luhan, Victoria, Crouching Tiger, Hua Qian Gu 2

  1. Luhan’s mv is rather surprising…I’ve always thought that Wu Yifan might end up with this music style, but it’s the baby-faced Luhan instead. O___O

    Victoria’s pictorials have always been one of my favourites to stare at. XD

    As for the HQG 2…lol, no. Just no. @____@


  2. HJ says:

    Victoria’s photoshoots slayed T.T Did you see that she has 4 photoshoots released in just September alone? 3 Chinese (Lifestyle, OK!, and Marie Claire) and 1 Korean (Elle). Love all 4 of them!!!

    Btw, there was a list of celebrities recently released on weibo. It was about which celebs the Chinese paparazzis are targeting nowadays and Vic was one of them. And it seems to be true,,,, nowadays every time Vic goes to Beijing, there’s paparazzi cuts released. Her recent paparazzi shot showed her and her China manager meeting Zhang YiBai. Zhang YiBai directed the movie 匆匆那年 (Eddie Peng and NiNI starring) and is also producing the movie 三生三世十里桃花 (LiuYiFei starring as lead). So now many people are speculating Vic might possibly starr in his movie next year (since her schedule already full this year).

    Also, very credible entertainment weibo ( which hinted about Ice Fantasy in much advance) said that Vic this year is doing large IP costume drama (Ice Fantasy) in order to strengthen her public audience recognition, but next year she already has many movie resources/offers. The weibo said that Vic actually signed couple of those movie offers under confidentiality agreement.

    And I am also personally anticipating for her movie My Sassy Girl 2 (MSG2). An acclaimed movie production/distribution company CEO actually watched the initial screening of MSG2 which was held back in April as a private event. After watching the movie, he openly praised Vic’s acting in the movie and said that she suits the big screen well. And this weekend, he was invited again to watch the movie (with more post-production done). Yesterday, he posted a weibo saying that “whoever wants to sign Vic up for their movies,,,they better do it quickly because after MSG2 is released, her pay will definitely go up.” This CEO has huge amount of weibo followers and is good friends with people like Zhao Wei, LiBingBing, FanBingBing, and many other famous actors…for such influential figure to praise Vic so openly, I am assuming this movie will be good for Chinese market.

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      OMGGG… you have no idea how much your comment is making me happy 😀 I know Victoria has good acting skills since I saw her doing sketches on Korean variety shows and her drama When Loves Walk In was actually really good. But I was really afraid she does not have enough experience to star in a movie… Do you know when MSG2 will be released? I doubt it would be as good as the first one, but it will surely be entertaining ~ Happy for Victoria to know the CEO liked her performance. I didn’t particularly like 匆匆那年 but it was a well done movie ^^


      • HJ says:

        haha I actually saw WLWI before I became a fan of Vic. Her acting was okay,,, not bad considering it was her very first drama. And I know there are some actresses (cough leeyeonhee cough) who debut more than 10 years ago and I still cringe at her acting and cannot watch her dramas lmao CTR was her drama after 2 years of no acting work and also cuz of Yang2 fans I am not too excited about CTR. I think there’s actually higher chance of Beautiful Secret airing before CTR lol

        As for MSG2, one Vic fan DM that CEO on weibo and he said it may not be released this year. I know that it won’t flop in China market financially,,,I think the Chinese producers are just trying to find the best time to release the movie.

        Since last summer, Vic has been acting non-stop in movies and dramas, and I think it really built her momentum in acting. I loved how ShuQi praised Vic in her interview. interviewer asked “how do you find song qian as a newbie?” and Shuqi asked back,”Is she new?” and said she didn’t think Vic was a newbie. She also said that Vic has done her homework really well to prepare for the movie character.


  3. HJ says:

    I just love reading about Vic on weibos through entertainment gossip weibos. Of course, these info should be taken with a grain of salt, but most of the times they are quite reliable and true information (since Vic’s drama casting rumours turn out to be true eventually for instance). One thing that’s kinda known fact and what all ent weibos say about Vic is that she has a huge fanbase. And a heck of a good fandom too. Apparently, Vic’s coriander army lol they’re well known amongst entertainment industry workers because they really know how to promote Vic.

    For example, at a recent press conference for , Vic fans did a loot bag support for all the journalists who attended the press con. In each bag, there were snacks, beverages, fans with LiLuo (Vic’s character in City of Fantasy) fanart drawn on it, notepad, pens, and most importantly a Vic pamphlet. This pamphlet showed short bio of Vic and her filmography. They described briefly about each acting project she’s done so far. Considering none of her dramas and movies after WLWI have been released yet, this is promoting not only Vic, but also her soon-to-be-released projects.

    And because she’s such “hot” topic nowadays who can bring attention and her huge fanbase, lots of production companies want her. Often times, ent weibos hold a small talk on their weixin and these talks are things that are not open on weibo sometimes. Few days ago, one ent weibo said that many movie and drama production companies want Vic and are willing to pay first-tier actress pay.

    I think what’s really extraordinary about Vic is that she not only kept her popularity, but it constantly arose over the past few years. In C-ent, actors have to constantly film one project after another because the pool of human resources is just too vast. You can easily be forgotten if you’re not shown on TV for awhile because there’s always new rookie actors coming out here and there. However for Vic, she has had only 1 drama aired so far. Even though she won a rookie actress award for WLWI, she didn’t act for 2 full years. Now it’s already 3 full years of not seeing her in acting project. Yet, her popularity is no jokes. I think many in C-ent would think this strange and also envy her at the same time.

    The other day, I was contemplating about MSG2. When the news of Vic filming MSG2 first got released, the amount of hates she got on K-net was just too much. At one point I really wished she wouldn’t take this project. However, when you really think about it…..this isn’t actually bad at all. Considering how popular MSG was all over Asian countries, this project is risky yet sensational at the same time. I think many of popular C-actresses would also take the chance if they were given the opportunities. However, this MSG2 can be almost thought of as “tailor-made” for Vic. MSG2 Korean producer said in the interview that the MSG2 project was revived because of the finance resources coming from China. Because of this, new scenario had to be made and it was finalized that new “sassy girl” would be a Chinese girl who knows how to speak Korean. And after scenario was finalized, producers from both Korea and China picked Vic as no.1 candidate. If you really think about it, search all over C-ent….which C-actress can speak Korean? No one except Vic.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I find it awesome that you are able to read Chinese and find so much information. WLWI was a good first project for her. It is funny because when Victoria was first casted for MSG2, a lot of Koreans bashed her because she is still a newbie, but the whole project might not even have happened without her. Anticipating her future works ^^


      • HJ says:

        I am Korean who’s “trying” to learn Chinese lol. I use google chrome when accessing weibo and baidu so that it can automatically translate Chinese into English for me. And there are some of us who are avid international Vic fans lol. We share information regarding Vic amongst us. Few friends in this group are hua qiao, so they know Chinese. This is how I get my info lmao


      • intellectualkitten says:

        ohhh… congratz for learning Mandarin!! I used to learn it too but never found the motivation to continue :””)


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