Entertainment Update: William Chan Breaks Up, Red Carpet at Golden Rooster, Just A Smile


Hehe, I had bad wifi these days and having access to C-Entertainment news was a little difficult. However, I got some time today so I thought about writing a more complete article for you guys… Anyway, more projects released stills!


Let’s start with some dating news! Wallace Huo recently declared he did not get back with Chen Qiao En. The two have been seen together this week but both sides declares they are not dating. As for William Chan and Ah Sa (Charlene Choi), the two have officially broke up. Both sides have issued official declarations and hope the fans would be understanding. For all those Zhao Liying shippers, this is your time to shine :”D…

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Just A Smile is Alluring
starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang released some more stills in addition to some behind the scene pictures taken by fans. There is not yet any releasing date for this drama, but I am expecting end of 2015 or 2016. The two look really lovey dovey in these pictures!

Youth Never Returns starring Zhang Han and Chen Qiao En released more character posters. Despite what it looks like, this drama is about school life and first love (not about food!). It will be released on October 23rd.

New movie from Wallace Huo! The movie Inside or Outside will be released in November and tells the story of a policeman who doesn’t take himself too seriously but who must find solutions to a major mystery:

Good Time of Hu Ge, Elvis Han, and Wang Xiao Chen released a new trailer. This drama will be released on October 16th.

New trailer for Legend of S featuring William Chan, Nicky Wu, and Zhao Liying:

Ghouls: Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribes of Mark Chao, Tang Yan, and Yao Chen released more posters:

The movie of Liu Yifei and Song Seung-Heon, The Third Way of Love, relesead more stills! I just released that SM entertainment is sponsoring the movie… and I really wonder why? Are we going to see some kpop bands in the background of this production?

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Finally, some gorgeous pictures of gorgeous peoples at the 24th China Golden Rooster Festival 🙂 Enjoy!


Deng Jia Jia


Jing Boran


Jiro Wang


Jike Summer


Zhao Wei


Song Jia


16 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: William Chan Breaks Up, Red Carpet at Golden Rooster, Just A Smile

  1. archidisign says:

    This is Hu Ge’s third drama this year (all start airing in different months)! And I think it is his birthday today too? Hehe, good for him and happy birthday ^^
    William and Charlene seems like the kind of couple that are on and off. With four years of dating, hope there are no hard feelings this time 😛


      • intellectualkitten says:

        I wonder now… since it seems like William Chan and Ah Sa broke up for a while but only officialized now ( a weird moment considering they are both promoting projects .-.)


      • intellectualkitten says:

        I find the timing weird because… normally, you don’t publicly announce you broke up when you are in the public eye :”) but it is not that weird either


      • archidisign says:

        I thought the timing was weird because just the day before, the couple was caught buying street snacks together. And then, PAF! they announce they are breaking up. And the excuse is that they are suddenly too busy? They have been dating for four years! Whatever the reason, I wish they could get back together ^^


      • archidisign says:

        dunno either! I hope they aren’t though. I shipped them as my delusional fan self, but I actually am not sure I would want to see them become an item. The hate comments for both of them will be huge!


      • mia says:

        maybe they’re still good friends? they did know each other for a long time but prob theres no romance anymore or else i dont see why theyd announce the breakup unless its a definite break


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Yes… I think so too 🙂 I hope it is not related to Zhao Liying. There are rumors that William Chan is the one who left Ah Sa (the reason been he became so much more popular), but Ah Sa refuted… 🙂


      • Ann says:

        So nice that WC is able to still to be friends with his ex! Hopefully, Zhao Liying is not involved in the breakup. Do you guys think ZLY will get hate for this (if it turns out that they really are together?). I don’t want that! I really don’t think she would do anything to hurt anyone intentionally


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Yep, they dated for 4 years so it is really good that they ended ecerything on good terms 🙂 If she really dates WC, I think she will gain a few haters, but a lot of people thinks they lool cute so… 8D


      • archidisign says:

        Yeah. They remind me of Nini and Feng Shaofeng breaking up so I am sure there is a high chance they come back to each other later on, right? (I am maybe delusional here.)


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