Entertainment Update: Ex-Files 2, Oh My God, Red Carpet


When all the cool kids hang together!

Hehe, I feel like I am doing too many Entertainment Update these days :”D New trailers for today and some nice photoshoot/ gala pictures of our favorite entertainers ^^!!

Trailer for Ex-Files 2 starring Zheng Kai and Amber Kuo is finally released!! Lay from EXO will also appear in this movie as a secondary character ^3^!!

Second trailer is not on Youtube yet but you can find it here.

New stills from the movie Oh My God starring Zhang Ziyi, Lay, and Chen Xuedong. ZZY does not appear on these pictures though. On the other hand, looks like there is a lot of chemistry between the two main male lead!! It will start airing on December 12th, 2015.

704_1739303_427292 704_1739304_314709 704_1739305_625269 704_1739306_969954 704_1739307_308399 704_1739308_497304

Gorgeous pictures of Jiang Xin in her most recent photoshoot in haute couture:

Zhang Shuai’s Spring/Summer collection kicks off the fashion week with A list Celebrities such as Fan Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming:


Fan Bingbing


Li Bingbing




Ying Er


Zhang Xinyi


Zhou Dongyu


Liu Wen


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