Entertainment Update: Chronicle of Life, The Last Women Standing, Mr. Six


A lot of new stills and trailers in the Chinese entertainment this week!

New trailer for Shu Qi and Eddie Peng‘s movie The Last Woman Standing below. The movie will be released in November 2015:

The Secret is another movie, starring Wang Luodan and JJ Lin. It will premier on November 6th, 2015 and has been directed by Leon Lai:

Next is TV series! This drama (Epilphyllum Dream) starring Ady An and Qiao Zhen Yu will premier in October:

When He Comes, Close your Eyes (aka Love Me if You Dare) released new trailer below. It stars Sandra Ma and Wallace Huo:

A new trailer for Hawick Lau and Zheng Shuang‘s drama; Chronicle of Life:

More stills for Ariel Lin, Bolin Chen and Vic Zhou‘s movie Du Lala 2. In addition, they released a MV from Hebe Tian!!

For anyone else other who is a fan of Li Yifeng, Mr. Six (FINALLY) released stills starring this cutie!!

This week, it is Tang Yan who is going on Happy Camp. Good for her! Based on the pictures, it seems like the camera is quiet focused on this gorgeous lady 8D

2 3 4 5

New pictures from Angelababy’s photoshoot:

Ouyang Nana looks gorgeous in this photoshoot.


Zhao Liying, Nicky Wu and William Chan’s xianxia drama Legend of Zu recently started airing (yesterday). Did you watch it? I was able to check out the first four episodes so far. It feels like the production team didn’t put much importance to details and costumes. Also, the voice dubbed sounds way too weird. Hope it will get better soon. To be frank, I am just waiting for the Wuxin and Dali Gege scenes ❤

0 1

In other news, Jackson Yi from TFBoys is going to star in a movie called Zhu Fairy (aka Legend of Zu, but I am don’t think it is the same as Mountain of Zu). Fans has already started to PS him into olden days clothing:



3 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Chronicle of Life, The Last Women Standing, Mr. Six

  1. OMG, so many of Li Yifeng’s stills from Mr. Six all of a sudden? And I thought only the official poster was out (& I already saved it as one of my desktop wallpapers). @____@ lol this is too much for my heart. XD

    Meanwhile, Ariel Lin looks really pretty in “Go Lala Go”. Though, I’m still hesitate about putting it on my “to watch” list because of the movie’s name (I totally skipped the drama before because I thought the name was silly). So, I’m just wondering if anyone here followed “Go Lala Go” before? Is it worth watching?

    As for Legend of Zu, I agree about the costumes…in fact, some of the costumes remind me of those from Legend of the Ancient Sword. @___@ I thought Nicky Wu invested a lot for this drama production.


    • archidisign says:

      I actually watched Du Lala and can promise you that it is one of the Chinese drama you can find out there, especially if you are looking for some women power mature drama. The title doesn’t do it much justice (the translation should be The Promotion Story of Du Lala). I would say however that the movie adaptation will diverge greatly from the drama (they are probably saying it is a sequel to get more people watching). The story is very complex and there is no way they could give the same vibe in a 1-2 hour movie. 😛 I will still watch for Ariel Lin though hehe

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, that actually sound interesting. O__O yea, the title is just really…
        haha…Ariel Lin is one of the actresses that I would just watch her in anything. I feel that she’s just really good at picking which productions to take on.


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