Entertainment Update: Ice Fantasy, God of War Zhao Yun, Alluring Smile


A new Entertainment Update full of Ice Fantasy pictures! In the picture above, you can spot Victoria, Feng Shaofeng, Ma Tianyu, and Guo Jingming. Sorry for the lack of posts these days, wish me luck for my upcoming midterm ><!!

But before we talk about Ice Fantasy, let’s talk about… God of War Zhao Yun!! Omg, we didn’t cover this project for months and I was personnally very disappointed that it did not air this summer. It is definitelly done filming as YoonA is back to Korea. However, let’s keep our hope high because those new released pictures look good good good. Lin Gengxin is not too bad in them too. xD

Now, character posters! The costumes look a little cheap in my opinion, but the sword looks nice. I am still waiting for official stills, but I am a little disappointed by these pictures:

Cute chibi drawings of the characters! The first one (top, left) will be played by Victoria, the second one (top, middle) by Ma Tianyu, and the first one on the second row will be played by Feng Shaofeng.

A fanmade drawing of Ma Tianyu. He plays the younger brother. It is interesting to note both Victoria and Ma Tianyu starred in the controversial variety Chinese Version Noona Over Flowers:


Beautiful new pictures for My Best Friend’s Wedding starring Shu Qi, Feng Shaofeng and Victoria Song.

This week’s episode of Happy Camp welcomed Zhao Liying, Nicky Wu, and William Chan from Legend of S, Gao Yuanyuan, JJ Lin, and Jimmy Lin. Here are some cute “couple” pictures. We will write a recap of the say episode if you guys are curious ^^

For anyone curious, where are the hot dramas this week! As of for this Thursday, Legend of S already has 10 episodes, Nirvana on Fire 28 episodes, Yun Zhong Ge 12 episodes, The Disguiser 48 episodes, and Hua Qian Gu 2015 (woah! I didn’t know it was already out!!) 19 episodes. Which one are you following?


Just One Smile is Very Alluring starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuan released more BTS stills. On the fifth picture, Zheng Shuang looks a little different, but maybe it is just the angle?

In other news, the three boys from TFBoys are all starring in a drama called Legend of Zu (or Zhu Xian) and the fans online are going crazy hash tagging the project everywhere xD… I wonder what is happening with this project as a few weeks back, it was announced that AngelaBaby and Li Yifeng would lead this production. Oh well, fans are going crazy right now so I guess we will have to wait for filming to start before we officially announce the cast. 😛

Braveness of the Ming with Zhang Han and Park Min Young released more stills starring the beautiful female lead.

Chinese Paladin 5 also released more character and other stills!

Legend of Ban Shu also joined in the stills releasing feista!

1 2 3

Luhan and Jing Boran will be starring in the movie adaptation of Lost Tomb. Basically, we are replacing eye candies with other eye candies. @_@ They started filming this week.

Chen Xuedong and Lay’s movie Oh My God also released a lot of stills and character stills:

Liu Shishi released a gorgeous photoshot with Bazaar.

New Idol Up posters for the fans out there!


4 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Ice Fantasy, God of War Zhao Yun, Alluring Smile

  1. HJ says:

    YES!!!!! Another Ice Fantasy post! Thank you !! <3<3

    I am super exicted for Vic's LiLuo though. There's a fan discussion weixin group with production company. They get to have a sneak peek of everything beforehand and the producer often posts screencaptures of their conversation on his weibo. Everyone now calls Vic "Luo GeGe"….apparently she's really handsome and female-warrior like. She'll have quite a lot of fight scenes. And the scriptwriter wrote on her weibo that when Vic and ZhangMeng were filming fight scene together, ZhangMeng praised Vic for her beautiful postures and that she wants to learn from Vic. Vic's Beijing Dance Academy skills are definitely helpful here! Oh and on the day of Victoria's costume fitting, the scriptwriter posted weibo that FengShaoFeng came to take a look. FSF and the scriptwrier stared at Vic the whole day apparently lol I am excited for Vic's poster!

    I don't know if you were on weibo last night, but this whole issue with YangYang fandom is getting too much. They literally pick fights with every single celeb's fandom and it's not nice. The author of Tomb Notes original novel had a fan Q&A discussion yesterday and um….. uh…. he kinda made clear that he didn't want YangYang in the movie version. And he definitely doesn't like YangYang fans either. And also there was a hashtag trending "YangYang fans apologize to ZhengShuang";;;;

    Apparently at the drama filming set, YangYang fangirls took pictures of ZhengShuang while she was trying out her clothes and posted on weibo. Her fans posted a summary post listing what are the legal consequences of such actions. And to adding more to this drama, the author of Tomb Notes novel posted a weibo saying what kind of evil people would do such thing to ZhengShuang…..;;;;;;;

    And on weibo, there's this quite popular post written by a well known entertainment weibo. This weibo post was written months ago, but the comments are still added until now and it has over 50,000 comments. This weibo post talked about what a celeb's fandom can do to a celeb's image. If you do bad things, it will tarnish your celeb. And on the comment section,,, literally like 98% of the comments talk about YangYang and his fandom. And these comments are written by everyone who has been attacked by YangYang's fandom. And this list includes: LiYiFeng, William Chan, Victoria, WuYiFan, Luhan, TFBoys, JingBoRan, ZhengShuang, etc… and this list will continue on endlessly as long as YangYang fans keep attacking other celebs. This is beyond ridiculous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      YEs, Yang Yang’s fans are very young, so there is no surprise that they are also intensive haters… however, what they did to Zheng Shuang, that, THAT is going to far. Not only is it illegal, but it is also hateful and a huge lack of respect towards human rights. I am surprised the writer of Lost Tomb commented on this issue (hmm, I wonder if he had a particularly horrible experience with YY or his fans) since public figures are very careful of what they say. YY is not a bad actor, but indeed, with this kind of crazy fans, it would be hard for him to get into movies with veteran actors (like Feng Xiaogang, Ge You, Shu Qi, etc.) and he would be stuck with idol projects :(… I don’t go on weibo a lot anymore, so thanks for keeping me updated 😀

      Huehue, Victoria’s posters are coming soon, I can sense it ^^


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